Lake Rawa Pening, Semarang Overview

Literally meaning ‘Clear Swamp’, the lake of Rawa Pening is located in the Ambarawa Basin in Central Java, Indonesia. It is considered to have been formed between 18000 and 13500 BC after a period of increased precipitation. The lake has been subjected to conservation policies by the national government though the green belt policy. Rawa Pening apart from serving as a tourist attraction for people wide across, it is also a source of hydroelectricity, with a power station situated on the Tuntang river near the lake.

You may try your hand at fishing in the lake and adjacent river apart from sitting by it to picnic or just strolling around. The spot is really photographic and scenic. Boating is also a recreational provision in the lake which would cost you around 8$ or 100,000 rupiah. A local guide will let you in about the legend of the lake. There are also food joints scattered around where you can halt for short meals and snacks during mornings or early evenings. Sea food here is the best to serve in the local markets so make sure you try the prawn rolls and shrimp sticks. 

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