What is the best time to visit Sangla?

Overall, the climate of Sangla is quite pleasant throughout the year, although the winters tend to be a bit harsh. Summers are hot but the heat is not really scorching. The temperature during summers ranges from 8 to 30 degrees Celcius. Monsoon season in the valley brings a lesser amount of rainfall. The winters, not recommended as a visiting season, are extremely cold with the temperature between 10 and -10 degrees Celcius. Visit Sangla in summers or monsoon to explore the place to its best, but if you are visiting during winters, make sure you carry a woollens.

Weather in Sangla


Upcoming Sangla Weather

Monthly Weather in Sangla

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 1°/ -8° 16 days
February 5°/ -7° 6 days
March 7°/ -4° 12 days
April 11°/ 1° 13 days
May 15°/ 3° 10 days
June 19°/ 8° 8 days
July 20°/ 12° 23 days
August 21°/ 12° 22 days
September 21°/ 10° 4 days
October 15°/ 3° 3 days
November 10°/ -1° 9 days
December 5°/ -6° 5 days

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Sangla in Summer (March - June)

With bright, sunny mornings, summer arrives with a new set of colours to cover Sangla in. Everything seems brighter and more vibrantly coloured. The mercury level usually fluctuates between a chilly 8 degree Celsius and a warm 30 degree Celsius approximately. Ideal for sightseeing and taking part in the outdoor activities, the summer months, usually commencing from March and lasting till June, may be considered the best time to visit Sangla. While you are here, do include the lush, sprawling Sangla Meadow, Chitkul, Kamru Fort, Bering Nag Temple, Batseri Village, Baspa River, and the magnificent Tibetan Wood Carving Center in your itinerary list. Summers in Sangla receive a pleasant climate which lead to beautiful surroundings, but monsoons are even better, with a refreshing climate that accompanies lush greenery. Winters can be a little harsh, but nothing like one cannot handle.
Sangla Valley
Sangla Valley, India

Sangla in Monsoon (July - September)

To witness Sangla at its freshest and finest, the monsoon months, starting from July and until September, is ideal. The surrounding mountains are covered in a thick layer of fog, giving it an ethereal appearance. With an average temperature that usually remains between 20 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius, the natural beauty is enhanced enormously with flowers in full bloom and the grass which appears to be greener than ever. However, there are some downsides to visiting this place during these months. It is not a good time to set out for sightseeing, owing to the frequent landslides that may prove to be fatal. Also, most of the roads are deemed inhospitable due to the damaged and slippery paths.
Road to Sangla Valley
Road to Sangla Valley

Sangla in Winter (October - February)

Winters in Sangla may be a bit harsh, with temperatures that may drop down to a freezing -10 degree Celsius. However, this tourist spot turns into an enchanting place which seems straight out of a fairytale, with sheets of shimmering snow covering the entire area in bright white. For tourists, however, it is best to stay away from this place at this time since there is almost no scope for sightseeing. Due to the heavy snowfall, the roads remain blocked for around six months. Starting from October, the winters may last till the end of February.
Chandranahan Sangla Pass
Chandranahan Sangla Pass

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Sangla, Himachal Pradesh
Kamru Fort
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