How To Reach Pula

How to Reach Pula

Pula is a city connected to all sorts of transport. You can reach the city via bus, car, railways or even flights to the Croatian city.

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How to reach Pula by flight

Getting to Pula is not as hard as it was a few years ago. A host of cities across Europe offer direct connectivity to the Istrian city with an International Airport that include, but are not limited to London, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Rome, Amsterdam, oslo, and Moscow. The Airport is located in the northeast of the city centre and in close vicinity of the ferry port which is about a 15 minutes drive.

How to reach Pula by bus

Porec, Rijeka, Zagreb are some of the major Croatian cities with direct and daily bus connectivity to Pula.

How to reach Pula by Waterways

You can enjoy a Catamaran journey when travelling to or from Venice to Pula at cheap rates and enjoy a rare breathtaking travelling experience across the Istrian peninsula.

Local transport in Pula

Pula has a very systematic public transport system that is divided on the basis of zones for hassle free transport. Public transport via bus is cheaper and suggested for those looking to explore the city's hidden treasures. Hiring cabs or cars is a convenient task here. However, you might want to keep some change in hand to pay parking fees as the narrow streets in Pula can cost you a lot on fines for unpaid parking tickets. Pro tip: You can rely on the contactless tickets (somewhat like a bus pass) when in Pula for more than 2-3 days for hassle-free travel.

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