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"An Architectural and History Lovers Delight"

Pula Tourism

Pula is a place that offers you a taste of its history, with a rich flavor of Roman and Venetian architecture. The rich history of the town that has seen multiple rulers, showcase a lot of monuments and architectural masterpieces that not only woo one's attention but also speak volumes about the reign of these rulers. From the Forum to the Roman Catholic Cathedral or the ruins from the post WWII era, there is a lot to learn about the place and the diaspora belonging to the native regions of all its rulers that add to its beauty.

A truly urban city, Pula is the largest city on the Istrian Peninsula. The city is located in close vicinity to other major Croatian cities such as Petrovic, while being only a boat ride away from the city of Venice in Italy. The urban city has something in its locker for everyone, a blend of medieval and modern acrchitecture, great history to boast of and a lot of activities for everyone to indulge in. With excellent local and continental food options at some of Istria's best restaurants, cafes and bars tourists can have a blast in Pula. From the visible delight of the Lighting Giants festival to the sipping the special Malvasian wine along with the Coronica Malvazija, a lip-smacking local delicacy should definitely be on your list of things to do when in the Istrian city. Nature and beach lovers can also explore the Cape Kamenjak, the cape of the Istrian peninsula by the Adriatic sea.

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Architecture and History Lovers' Delight

As the largest city on the Istrian peninsula, Pula is nothing less than a love affair for admirers of medieval architecture and history. With a host of kingdoms ruling the city near the Adriatic sea, the town has many monuments and places that reflect its heritage and the legacy of its rulers. The forum( a city gathering area) is one such place which has been at the foray of all public gatherings in the city for centuries. If that wasn't enough, the lure of the Arena, Hercules Gate, Triumphial Arch of Sergius and the Historical Museum are definitely going to seek your delight.

Film and Music Festivals

Pula is known for hosting some of the best film and music festivals. The city has played a great host to a number of artists over the years and is known for hosting some of the biggest entertainment events at the Arena too. The rush of summer travellers sees a number of such events including the Pula summer festival, Seasplash Reggae festival along with the Pula International Theatre Festival (PUF).

Language of Pula

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History of Pula

Pula has a lot of history attached to it like the rest of the Istrian peninsula. The city has been a major part of empires and countries for long and has a long list of monuments such as the Temple of Augustus, the Arena along with Monastery and Church of St. Francis. With a touch of Roman, Venetian and Italian history along with the ruins of the two world wars, the city makes for a great spectacle for history lovers. The roman touch to the history of Pula is a reference of the regime of Emperor Augustus and the descendant roman rulers responsible for building spectacular amphitheathres and structures most of which were destroyed during the second world war when the Italians triumphed and reigned over the Istrian city. The Venetian touch to the city due to the Venetian reign of the city for around 5 centuries which also saw the demise of the empire in a catastrophy. Hints of these cultures can still be seen in the city and its old structures that are now well-preserved by the Croatian government.

Nightlife in Pula

While Pula is not a place known for its nightlife, it still has some night clubs that serve you until as late as 4am, although you might want to enter before 10 PM to make the most of your time in there. The best bars in the city serve a host of local and European cocktails and liquors making them a must visit when in Pula. To enjoy the city's groove along with the travelling crowd the Bass, Cabahia and Pietas Julias are some of the bars you might not want to miss out on.

Shopping in Pula

Pula, the urban city is a host of markets and shopping malls where you can shop for locally grown vegetables and wine herbs. The locals are parituclar about growing their own herbs and wines in the garage and these are the items that one must definitely take along with them while on their travels. Olive oil, herb liquors, lemon and fig marmalades are some of the best local souvenirs to shop when in Pula.

Best Time to Visit Pula

How to Reach Pula

How to Reach Overview

Pula is a city connected to all sorts of transport. You can reach the city via bus, car, railways or even flights to the Croatian city.

How to reach Pula by flight

Getting to Pula is not as hard as it was a few years ago. A host of cities across Europe offer direct connectivity to the Istrian city with an International Airport that include, but are not limited to London, Helsinki, Frankfurt, Rome, Amsterdam, oslo, and Moscow. The Airport is located in the northeast of the city centre and in close vicinity of the ferry port which is about a 15 minutes drive.

How to reach Pula by bus

Porec, Rijeka, Zagreb are some of the major Croatian cities with direct and daily bus connectivity to Pula.

How to reach Pula by waterways

You can enjoy a Catamaran journey when travelling to or from Venice to Pula at cheap rates and enjoy a rare breathtaking travelling experience across the Istrian peninsula.

Local transport in Pula

Pula has a very systematic public transport system that is divided on the basis of zones for hassle free transport. Public transport via bus is cheaper and suggested for those looking to explore the city's hidden treasures. Hiring cabs or cars is a convenient task here. However, you might want to keep some change in hand to pay parking fees as the narrow streets in Pula can cost you a lot on fines for unpaid parking tickets. Pro tip: You can rely on the contactless tickets (somewhat like a bus pass) when in Pula for more than 2-3 days for hassle-free travel.

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FAQs on Pula

What is famous about Pula?

Architecture, food, bars, connectivity to other major travel sites

What is not so good about Pula?

cash dependant, lack of alternatives to historical tourist spots

What is the best time to visit Pula?

The summer months are the best time to not only explore the city's most beautiful sites but also to enjoy the summer swim at the white sand beaches near the city. By the end of August, the days become a lot cooler meaning the temperature is good enough for a swim and tour the city too. The city is filled with travellers and backpackers during the summer months due to the various music festivals and events that pull in the crowds from across Europe.
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What is the local food in Pula?

A major fishing port, Pula is one of the best places to enjoy fresh and exotic seafood. The food across town can be rated as brilliant including the local cuisine and is easy on the pockets. From enjoying Italian cuisine with a Croatian touch or the mind-boggling Skampi Buzzara, a popular seafood stew preparation served across the Istrian peninsula and more so in Pula. Truffles and pr_ut are the other popular local delicacies that one could hog without a second thought! Rakija, the local name for fruit brandy is a love affair for the locals and can be best enjoyed at the Bass, a chilled-out bar. As the producer of the world's leading Malvasian wine, Pula is the best place to enjoy it with each bar offering the best selection. If Rakija wasn't enough for you, don't think twice to try out special Zombie & Freddy Krier cocktails at the Pietas Julias. Gina, Medeja and Milan are some restaurants you wouldn't want to miss out on.
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What is the best way to reach Pula?

Pula is a city connected to all sorts of transport. You can reach the city via bus, car, railways or even flights to the Croatian city.
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What are the places near Pula?

The top places near to Pula are Rovinj which is 29 km from Pula, Venice which is located 136 km from Pula, Zagreb which is located 197 km from Pula, Rome which is located 347 km from Pula, Zadar which is located 137 km from Pula

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