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A major fishing port, Pula is one of the best places to enjoy fresh and exotic seafood. The food across town can be rated as brilliant including the local cuisine and is easy on the pockets. From enjoying Italian cuisine with a Croatian touch or the mind-boggling Skampi Buzzara, a popular seafood stew preparation served across the Istrian peninsula and more so in Pula. Truffles and pr_ut are the other popular local delicacies that one could hog without a second thought! Rakija, the local name for fruit brandy is a love affair for the locals and can be best enjoyed at the Bass, a chilled-out bar. As the producer of the world's leading Malvasian wine, Pula is the best place to enjoy it with each bar offering the best selection. If Rakija wasn't enough for you, don't think twice to try out special Zombie & Freddy Krier cocktails at the Pietas Julias. Gina, Medeja and Milan are some restaurants you wouldn't want to miss out on.

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Pula, Croatia

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