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What is the best time to visit Prague?

May, June, and September(15°C to 25°C) during the spring and fall season are the best time to visit Prague. During these months, the temperature in Prague is comfortable, and if you’re on budget travel, you’ll find hotels to stay, flights to book all within your budget, and lesser crowds. 

The summers in Prague are said to come with a lot of sun and warmer temperatures averaging up to 24 degrees centigrade. Prague is also a very windy place, with sustained western winds blowing all over the city. Christmas, Easter, and New Year also draw huge crowds from across the globe. Prague offers a river cruise or cruising the river Vltava throughout the year. The Prague Castle is also open for tourists throughout the year, so there is hardly any activity that you won’t be able to enjoy, even in the off-season.

Weather in Prague


Upcoming Prague Weather

Monthly Weather in Prague

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 6°/ -1° 3 days
February 9°/ 2° 6 days
March 11°/ 1° 4 days
April 18°/ 4° 3 days
May 17°/ 7° 11 days
June 28°/ 15° 6 days
July 26°/ 14° 9 days
August 27°/ 15° 10 days
September 21°/ 10° 6 days
October 17°/ 7° 6 days
November 10°/ 2° 5 days
December 6°/ 0° 3 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Prague

Prague in Peak Season

Prague has its peak season in June, July and August with a vast number of tourists flocking to the city. These months are said to be dry, and the temperatures range from 15 degrees centigrade to 28 degrees celsius. The airfares along with the hotel accommodation, everything is very highly-priced during these months, and it’s a no if you’re planning a budget-friendly trip.

Prague in Low Season

Prague has its OffSeason between the months of Mid November to Early March usually. You will find extremely less number of tourists in the city this time, which in turn will entitle you to some huge discounts on everything. There are very few people visiting this city during these months is primarily because of the low temperatures. The temperature in Prague during the offseason falls below freezing point, and one must never forget to carry warm clothes if travelling to the city during this time of the year. But if you love winters, the experience is worth giving a shot and that too at very reasonable rates!

Prague in Shoulder Season

Shoulder season or the season when it’s not too crowded for a vacation in Prague is in March, May, September and October roughly. During these months the temperature during the day time is warm and pleasant, but during the night, it becomes chilly and cold. If you’re not a winter person, you should avoid taking a trip to Prague during this time. The hotel tariffs, flight tickets, other activities available in Prague are cheaper as compared to the prices during the peak season.

Prague in Summer Season (June to August)

Prague has its summer season from June to August. The temperature during these months is warm and comfortable and ideal for sightseeing. The temperature mostly hovers around 24-degree centigrade. It becomes very humid during July and August, but still, Prague attracts the most number of tourists during this time. It rains quite a lot during the summers in Prague and hence, carrying a raincoat is a must! Tanec Praha or the International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Movie Theatre is celebrated during this time of the year in Prague. Prague summer nights that is also celebrated in June is a must-go-to festival for all opera lovers.

Prague in Autumn Season (September to November)

Autumn is experienced in Prague from September to November with a considerable temperature difference between both the months. The temperature in September is usually around 19-degree Celcius whereas, in November, it can drop down as low as 0-degree Celcius. It is a good time to visit Prague during these months as it attracts less crowd. You should always carry warm and waterproof coats during these months to experience the best for sightseeing.

Prague in Winter Season (December to February)

Prague has chilling winters from December to February. Prague in winters are frigid with temperatures ranging from - 5 to 2 degree Celcius. These months attract the least number of people because of the cold weather. Prague hosts a lot of events and operas, theatres, concerts during the Christmas season. Mikulas Night is celebrated in Prague on the 5th of December, where all the people are dressed up as bishops, angels and devils to celebrate the old Czech Christmas. This event is worth an experience.

Prague in Spring Season (March to May)

The Spring in Prague is welcomed with utmost joy in March to May. The temperature during these months starts warming up after the chilly winter season and leaves the people happy. Temperature goes up to 18-degree centigrade by May and trees once again begin blossoming.
During May, 17 days long beer festival is celebrated, which is worth an experience if you’re a beer lover. Prague Spring International Music Festival is also celebrated during this season, and all the music lovers should make it a point not to miss this at any cost. Witches night is a famous festival in Prague which is celebrated in April marks the end of the winter season. It’s one of a kind festival and is celebrated in the entire country.

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