What is the best time to visit Prague?

May, June and September during the spring and fall season, is the best time to visit Prague. During these months the temperature in Prague is comfortable, and if you’re on budget travel, you’ll find hotels to stay, flights to book all within your budget along with lesser crowds. Prague has a humid continental climate with temperatures being extremely low during the winters accompanied by very little sunshine. The summers in Prague are said to come with a lot of sun and warmer temperatures averaging up to 24 degrees centigrade. Prague is also a very windy place with sustained western winds blowing all over the city. Christmas, Easter and New Year also draw huge crowds from across the globe. Prague offers a river cruise or cruising the river Vltava throughout the year. The Prague castle is also open for the tourists throughout the year, so there is hardly any activity that you won’t be able to enjoy even in the offSeason.

Weather in Prague


Upcoming Prague Weather

Monthly Weather in Prague

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 6°/ -1° 3 days
February 9°/ 2° 6 days
March 11°/ 1° 4 days
April 18°/ 4° 3 days
May 17°/ 7° 11 days
June 28°/ 15° 6 days
July 26°/ 14° 9 days
August 27°/ 15° 10 days
September 21°/ 10° 6 days
October 17°/ 7° 6 days
November 10°/ 2° 5 days
December 6°/ 0° 3 days

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