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Berlin's eclectic cuisine has strong influences from Bohemia and East Prussia.Berliners prefer their food to be filling rather than detailed, which makes the cuisine rustic, yet hearty. German cuisine essentially is meat based, pork being the popular favourite. Fish is also consumed as a delicacy, while potatoes and peas tend to be the primary vegetable constituents. To experience true Berlin, you ought to try these three. Currywurst,usually served as take-out food is a grilled pork sausage cut into slices and seasoned with tomato paste and curry powder. Eisbein mit Sauerkraut, pork knuckle with sauerkrat cabbage served with a thick layer of crispy fat around the meat. This goes well with the Berliner Weisse, a light fruity beer. The Berliner, is a dougnhut filled with marmalade or jam filling and topped with icing sugar. This name is primarily used outside Berlin, the locals call it Pfannkuchen,while the Spritzkuchen are cream puffs. These are practically available at every corner bakery. A large part of the city's residents are of Turkish origin, making Berlin the largest Turkish community outside Turkey, result of which Turkish Doners,traditional Turkish Restaurants as well as fast food carts serve marinated lamb kebabs in flatbreads, salads with yoghurt dressing and other Turkish delicatessan, are served almost in every street. If its Germany, there has got to be beer! The Brauh_users, are the traditional German pubs which have no official closing times. So even all night long these pubs serve their guests Molle, which is usually a pilsner beer made by the traditional Berlin Breweries Engelhardt, Schultheiss und Kindl. The Berliner Weisse, is a refreshing summer speciality, commonly drunk as Weisse mit Schuss, with a shot of raspberry or lemon syrup. The Buletten, cold hamburgers without a bun, dipped in hot mustard and Rollmops, rolled fillet of herring, make for popular finger food. Traditional cuisine aside, restaurants in Berlin serve all conceivable cuisines from budget friendly options to gastronomic experiences.

Food for Indians in Berlin

Berlin is quite vegan and vegetarian friendly. There are numerous begetarian restaurants with interesting menus on offer. Many middle eastern and Asian restaurants serve tasty vegetarian variants of their otherwise usual menu. However if you are visiting a traditional German restaurant, vegetarians are in for tough luck. Or maybe you could try the Kartoffellpuffer, potato pancakes. Natural'Mente is acclaimed for serving 99% organically farmed vegetarian food No prizes for guessing what Aapka, Guru, Indiahaus, Masala, Namaskar or Shaan serve! So comfort food should not be a problem.

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