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Bang Tao Beach, Phuket Overview

Bang Tao Beach can be called the luxury stretch of Phuket. This tiny beach stretches for only four miles or roughly six and a half kilometers, and is entirely populated with luxury resorts and vast villas. It offers swimming facilities, a few bars, and restaurants nearby. The famous beach club Catch is located here.

It is on a just a few minutes' away from the quaint little town of Cherng Talay, where the primary occupation of the villagers even today is fishing, farming and rubber tapping, like their ancestors. Freedom beach was part of the tin mine area where there were tin mines once upon a time and which made Phuket a vibrant place. Laguna Phuket, one of Asia's largest resort complexes, managed to transform Bang Tao Beach into a very profitable and award-winning Eco-project. 

There is, however, a recent addition to this area called 'Boat Avenue'. At the heart of Bang Tao' Boat Avenue', a cluster of trendy shops, interesting restaurants, and even a vast Villa Market is set up. Freedom beach hosts a Friday night market called 'Fun Friday Avenue Market' that is a lot more vibrant than 'Boat Avenue'.

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Things To Do At The Bang Tao Beach

  • Go for a walk by the beach. It would be a brilliant time to go during the sunrise or sunset, which is approximately 6:15 AM and 6:18 PM respectively.
  • Go for a swim.
  • Read a book if you like. 
  • Relax by the shade. 
  • Check out the bars and restaurants close closeby. Some of the famous eateries here are Banpot Kitchen & Bar, Black Cat and Palm Seaside. Banpot Kitchen & Bar specializes in European cuisine and has a very modern look with a rustic white brick wall. Black Cat is a bamboo-themed restaurant that focuses on Mediterranean and Thai cuisine. And Palm Seaside is a plush open-air restaurant that is part of Twinpalms Phuket that specializes in seafood, particularly lobster, crab, or fish. 
  • If you are in Bangtao, drop by the 'Boat Avenue', where you can indulge in both imported food and wines, as well as check out its chic boutiques.
  • Check out the 'Fun Friday Avenue Market', a weekly night market and try some excellent food here. You can also shop for some interesting souvenirs here. 
  • Take pictures of your memories too.

How To Reach Bangtao Beach

Bangtao Beach is a good 40 to 50 minutes away from the heart of Phuket city.

From the Airport to Bang Tao
From the airport, there are multiple options to come to Bang Tao Beach. These include renting a car, private taxi and taking a minibus.

Rent a Car

If you rent a car for yourself, you will reach Bang Tao Beach fast. But for this, you will need an International drivers licence. At the airport you will have to deposit a hefty charge of around THB 4900 and the car itself will cost you around THB 800 per day.

Private Taxi
A private taxi will be cheaper than a car, at around THB 730. But you will save a lot of time and reach the resort comfortably, without the hassle of driving. You can rest on the way, and enjoy the passing sights instead. There are also metered cheaper taxis, and you can hire these for about THB 350 to THB 400, but they may not have an air-conditioner

Some Minibuses come straight to Bang Tao from the airport. They usually are quite cheap, but after midnight they charge a flat fare of 200 Baht per head.

From Phuket City to Bang Tao
By Songthaews –The cheapest way to travel from Phuket city to Bang Tao, or almost any place in Phuket by a Songthaew. You can take one of these blue buses, from Phuket City near the fresh market on Ranong road. They leave every 30 minutes, and the fare will at the most be THB 30.
By Tuk-Tuk – Tuk-Tuks are not ideal for travelling from Phuket City to Bang Tao as it is quite far. But in cases of deficit commuting options, hitch a tuk-tuk ride but don't pay them over THB 400.
By Taxi – You can take a private taxi from Phuket City to Bang Tao. It costs THB 400 to THB 500 but is also the most hassle-free and comfortable way to travel within Phuket.
By GRAB – Check for coupon codes on the mobile app GRAB, which works almost exactly like UBER. You will surely get a better price on the app for an air-conditioned Taxi.
By Rental Car – If you have an International licence, cars are available for hire for the day from many places in Phuket and Bang Tao. It's much cheaper than airport rental. At best you will get a car for 300 Baht per day, though charges also depend on the model of the vehicle and whether there is air-conditioning. A car with AC may cost you more, but it's worth it in the hot and humid weather of Phuket.
By Rental Bike – You can rent a bike for the day from several places in Phuket city and Bang Tao. These can only be rented if you have an International licence. They are much cheaper at around THB 150 per day and are also easier to park anywhere. They are also ideal for going through small trails where cars can't go.

Visitor Tips

  • Use sunscreen, carry sunglasses and hats while heading outdoors.
  • Wear comfy clothes while going to the beach.
  • Wear washable flip-flops or shoes. 
  • Carry a good camera
  • Carry a towel 
  • Bargain as much as possible at the Bantao night market.
  • Bear your spice tolerance in mind while trying street food, as some Thai food can be really spicy.

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