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Tea gardens in Palampur, Palampur Overview

Palampur is rightly known as the Tea Capital of Northern India and is famous all across the country for its vast spreads of lush tea gardens, which are the chief attraction of the town. The tea gardens of Palampur are the perfect place to witness the vast tea gardens and the tea making process in great detail. Stepping into these lush green gardens makes you feel as if you have stepped into a dream world altogether, and the divine fragrance transforms you into heaven. This experience is heightened for tea lovers, for whom this place is like paradise on earth. 

It was in the 19th century that the concept of tea gardens was introduced in this area, and since then the place has become quite famous for its speciality teas, especially for its Kangra Tea. This particular variety of tea is so renowned, and of such high quality, that 90% of it is exported out of the country. One can also visit the Palampur Co-operative Tea Factory Limited, which is located downhill from Palampur and is the place to be at if you want to see the complete process of plucking, picking and processing of tea, as well as the commercial production of tea. Travellers and visitors love to take photographs of the tea gardens and the women picking tea leaves, and it is equally interesting to interact with the workers at the tea state. A visit to the tea gardens of Palampur is thus a must while in Himachal Pradesh, to experience a fun and informative day with your loved ones. 

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History of Tea Gardens In Palampur

The first ever tea plantation was started in the village of Palampur by Dr Jameson, who was the Superintendent of Botanical Gardens, North-West Frontier Province. Slowly and gradually, this small town started to become famous for its tea gardens. The British planted the Camellia tea in these tea gardens in 1849, which gained much popularity in a very short span of time. The tea from Kangra that was grown at these plantations even won a gold medal in an exhibition in London in 1886 for its excellent quality and taste, and the tea plantations have been in the limelight ever since.

In the present times, the tea gardens cover a total area of 1,000 hectares, and the state produces 8,50,000 kilograms of tea every year. Amongst these tea gardens, some of them are privately owned; while some are known as "demonstration plots" and are managed by organisations such as the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. The concerned government authorities plan to increase production of tea in the estate to over 2. 5 million kilograms in the coming few years.

Things To Do in Tea Gardens Of Palampur

Tourists who visit Palampur should definitely not miss out on the tea gardens as they help visitors to appreciate the efficient way in which these gardens are run and managed, and at the same time offer them breathtaking views of the lush green expanses of plants as far as the eye can see. Tourists are also allowed to witness the actual tea making process at the Palampur Tea Corporative Tea Factory.

One can also click some fantastic pictures in the tea gardens, with the gorgeous Dhauladhar Mountain Range in the backdrop, and pose with the local workers there to capture some fun memories. It is also a good idea to enjoy a cup of hot brewed Kangra tea at a shack in the tea gardens.

Palampur Cooperative Tea Factory

The Palampur Cooperative Tea Factory is situated downhill to Palampur, just below the road leading to Dharamshala. The factory is the one-stop destination for all tea lovers to witness in action the entire process of plucking, picking and processing of tea leaves, and the subsequent process of its commercial production. The Palampur Cooperative Tea Factory is run and managed under the guidance of the Tea Board of India and is capable of producing nearly 4,000 tons of tea every day between the months of April and November.

A visit to this factory is a unique experience altogether, which is jam-packed with lots of learning and information. Visitors can ask as many questions as they want about the tea making process, and the workers would be happy to answer them. One can also take back home a perfect tea souvenir from the sales counter of the factory, and preserve it as a memoir of their having visited the location.

Tea Brands at Palampur Tea Gardens

The tea that is produced in these gardens is marketed under various brand names, such as Darbari, Bageshwari, Bahar and Malhar. All of these brands are named after different ragas of Indian classical music. One can buy these brands directly from the tea factory.

Best Time To Visit Tea gardens

Winters are particularly harsh in the town, and hence one must visit the tea gardens in the comfortable and pleasant summer months.

Tips For Visiting Tea gardens

Make sure that you wear warm and comfortable clothes while visiting the tea gardens, as the weather can get quite chilly in the evenings.

How To Reach Tea gardens in Palampur

The tea gardens are located about 3 kilometres away from the central town of Palampur and can be easily reached by car or other means of public transport. Since both the tea gardens and the factory are particularly famous, getting here is not really an issue.

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