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Devil's tears is a rocky outcrop located on the southeastern coast of Nusa Lembongan island. The place is famous for its scenic beauty, where the waves splash right up to the cove and create a rainbow during sunset. It features a blowhole which causes the waves to blow up into the sky, creating a misty halo making it an ideal attraction for photographers and nature-lovers.

The porous rocks around the coves also give the impression of ‘tears’ falling or draining off them once the wave recedes. The scenic landscape attracts tourists throughout the year. Located on Nusa Lembongan Island, the Devil’s Tears is not more than 30 minutes away from anywhere on the Lembongan Island and hence very easily accessible.

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Things to Do

Tourists come to the Devil’s Tears to marvel at its beauty and watch the spray of water rise against the blue sky. The spray of water also sometimes creates rainbows and the water while crashing against the blowhole and coves may also cause a misty halo, all of these adding effects to an already wonderful view.

The land and water topography and chemistry also make it a splendid spot for sunsets and photography. In fact, many tourists believe it to be the best spot to catch a sunset in Bali.

Besides, the aesthetic view, the Devil’s Tears is also a good spot for cliff jumping and swimming. However, you have to make sure the tide is low.

There are also a few snack huts around if you would like to grab a bite.


The Devil’s Tears is also a place to be cautious in. The force and fury of the water should not be messed up with. Here are a few tips to remember while visiting the Devil’s Tears:
  • Do not stand too close to the edge of the cliff because the force of water can strike you down. Though the fall may not be too dangerous, yet getting too close to the edge is not advisable.
  • Check if there is a low tide before embarking on a swim or cliff jumping.
  • There are a few tide pools around that you can look around and explore, but again be careful of the force of the tides.
  • The Devil’s Tears is not exactly an early morning destination. You can instead try to reach during the evening to catch the sunset.
  • Try to schedule the trip in advance if you plan to join a tour or operators.

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