What is the best time to visit Nubra Valley?

Summer season is the best time to visit Nubra Valley, owing to the clear skies and a pleasant climate. The atmosphere in Nubra is lovely at this time as well. Monsoons are avoidable, to say the least, owing to torrential downpours and frequent landslides, coupled by occasional, though disastrous cloudbursts.  Winters is the least advisable time for a visit; you should go only if you're fit enough and love a stroll in the chilly evenings.

Weather in Nubra Valley


Upcoming Nubra Valley Weather

Monthly Weather in Nubra Valley

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January -10 0
February -9 2
March -4 7
April 2 12
May 7 18
June 10 19
July 18 28
August 17 26
September 12 22
October 3 17
November -4 10
December -9 6

Nubra Valley in Summer (March - June)

Summers in Nubra Valley is pleasant and not as harsh and frigid as the temperatures during the winter season. The temperature from April to July ranges between 8 - 20 degree celcius making summers welcoming for tourits. When visiting Nubra during summer, don't miss the Hemis Festival that is held either at the end of June or the start of July and is hosted during the Guru Padmasambhava. This is also a peak season for trekkers and campers.
Nubra Valley
Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley in Winter (October - February)

Beginning from October to March, the winter season is the least advisable time for a visit to Nubra Valley, owing to extremely chilly temperature and inhospitable roads. With temperatures falling as low as -10 degree celcius, Nubra valley receive heavy snowfall. Apart from Skiing which is a favorite activity among tourists, there are two festivals celebrated with great zeal namely Dosmoche and the Losar festival. Dosmoche festival is held in late February and is the most important festival for the locals of Nubra Valley. This is because the festival is organised as a celebration for the arrival of the New Year. Dosmoche Festival is also celebrated a mere month or two away from Losar Festival which is either during the end of December or the start of January. Both festivals serve the same purpose and are a great time to witness the culture of Nubra Valley. However, take a trip if you're daring to face the harsh weather.
Snow in Nubra Valley
Snow in Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley in Monsoon (July - September)

The monsoon season in Nubra Valley lasts from August to September. Although the monsoon season receives moderate to heavy rainfall, this is not exactly the best time to visit Nubra Valley, owing to the frequent downpours and dangerous landslides.
Nubra Valley
Nubra Valley

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