What is the best time to visit Hemis?

Summer season is the best season for a visit to Hemis. The months when Hemis is ideal for a trip is for the months of April - June. Monsoon is also a good time to visit, while winter season, with freezing cold climate, is seriously the best time for a visit.

Weather in Hemis


Upcoming Hemis Weather

Monthly Weather in Hemis

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January -9 3
February -8 5
March -3 9
April 2 15
May 8 18
June 11 20
July 17 28
August 16 26
September 11 23
October 3 18
November -4 12
December -9 9

Hemis in Summer (April - June)

This is the most advisable time for a trip to Hemis. The area is pleasant for a visit at this time, with temperatures rarely going beyond 28 degrees Celcius.

This is not exactly a good time to visit Hemis, owing to the frequent landslides, coupled sometimes with cloudbursts and torrential rainfall. Although the cool breeze and pleasant climate do allure some visitors in this offseason.   

This is the least ideal time for a visit to the site, owing to the harsh and freezing winters, which can drop to as low as -30 degrees Celcius. This lead to the roads being closed for most of the time in this season.

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