What is the best time to visit Kargil?

Summer is the best season for a visit to Kargil. The months when Kargil is open for a trip are from March - October. The freezing cold winters, along with the dangerous monsoons, are not the best seasons if you want to have a taste of the district that is Kargil.

Weather in Kargil


Upcoming Kargil Weather

Monthly Weather in Kargil

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January -8°/ -17° 8 days
February -5°/ -16° 3 days
March 1°/ -8° 6 days
April 9°/ -1° 5 days
May 12°/ 3° 3 days
June 15°/ 7° 6 days
July 17°/ 10° 4 days
August 17°/ 10° 3 days
September 15°/ 8° 0 days
October 9°/ 2° 3 days
November 3°/ -5° 12 days
December -7°/ -17° 4 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Kargil

Kargil in Summer (March - June)

This is the best season for a trip to Kargil. The days are warm with cool nights; the temperatures going as low as 13 degrees Celcius. This is the time when National Highway 1 D, which connects Srinagar and Leh, is officially opened for travellers.

Kargil in Monsoon (July - September)

Beginning from late July, the monsoon season lasts till September. This is not exactly the best time to visit Kargil, as there are frequent landslides and cloudbursts. September onwards, there is a certain kind of chill that sets into Kargil, although the sun keeps shining.

Kargil in Winter (October - February)

This is the least ideal season for a visit to Kargil, with freezing winds ready to peel off your skin. November onwards, the travel influx drops down steadily as temperatures can go as low as -50 degrees Celcius. With the chilly weather, most of the roads leading to Kargil are also closed down during these months.

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