What is the best time to visit Lamayuru?

Summers in Lamayuru are quite warm and offer the best time to visit. Slight showers during the monsoons also make the season an almost ideal time. However, there are chances of landslides and cloudbursts during the monsoons. Winters tend to be quite cold with the minimum temperature touching 5 degrees Celsius. 

Weather in Lamayuru


Upcoming Lamayuru Weather

Monthly Weather in Lamayuru

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January -9°/ -18° 2 days
February -6°/ -16° 1 days
March -1°/ -11° 5 days
April 6°/ -5° 5 days
May 8°/ -2° 2 days
June 11°/ 3° 7 days
July 13°/ 7° 4 days
August 14°/ 7° 5 days
September 12°/ 4° 1 days
October 6°/ -3° 2 days
November 0°/ -8° 8 days
December -7°/ -17° 2 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Lamayuru

Lamayuru in Summer (April - June)

In contrast to the rest of the country, the mountains remain relatively cooler during the summer seasons making them a perfect getaway. The temperature hardly crosses 25 degrees Celsius and the nights are a little cooler, and hence it is advisable to carry light woollens. Also, don't forget to take sunscreen as the sun might be a little harsh.

Lamayuru in Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon is the season which experiences heavy rainfall. Along with that, the area is extremely prone to landslides and cloudbursts which can hinder your travel. It is best to avoid visiting during this period.

Lamayuru in Winter (October - March)

The winter arrives during September and October. The weather is pleasant during the day and chilly in the evenings. For trekkers, this is a perfect time. The unbearable winter starts from November and lasts till February end. Outsiders usually do not prefer visiting during this harsh season. Most of the trekking routes close down after the first heavy snowfall. Many roads heading into Ladakh are closed during heavy snow, and only aerial routes remain open.

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