What is the best time to visit Nairobi ?

The overall best time to visit Nairobi is during the dry season, which typically occurs from late June to October and from December to February. During this period, the weather is generally dry and pleasant, with sunny days and lower chances of rainfall. The dry season offers excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, as animals gather around water sources, making it an ideal time for safaris in Nairobi National Park and nearby reserves.

Weather in Nairobi


Upcoming Nairobi Weather

Monthly Weather in Nairobi

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 25°/ 15° 15 days
February 26°/ 16° 14 days
March 26°/ 16° 26 days
April 25°/ 16° 20 days
May 24°/ 15° 19 days
June 22°/ 14° 23 days
July 23°/ 14° 5 days
August 24°/ 13° 6 days
September 25°/ 14° 7 days
October 24°/ 15° 21 days
November 24°/ 15° 19 days
December 24°/ 15° 23 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Nairobi

March to May

These months constitute the long rainy season, and while the rainfall can be heavy, there are still some advantages to visiting Nairobi during this time. The lush green landscapes and lower number of tourists create a more serene ambience. Visitors can explore indoor attractions like museums, art galleries, and cultural centres during rainy days.

November to February

These months mark the short rainy season, but they are still a good time to visit Nairobi. The temperature ranges from 17°C to 28°C, and the rainfall is generally less intense compared to the long rainy season. Visitors can still enjoy wildlife viewing and outdoor activities during occasional showers. It's an ideal time to explore Nairobi's cultural sites, museums, and vibrant markets.

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