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How to Reach Moscow from India

From India, direct flights to Moscow operate only from New Delhi and are provided by the Russian airline Aeroflot and Air India. Otherwise, connecting flights can be taken from almost all international airports. Qatar Airways, Air India, Gulf Airways, Aeroflot and a few other airlines provide services along the routes.

How to reach Moscow by flight

Moscow is one of the most important cities in the world and is served by 3 main international airports: Sheremetyevo International Airport, Domodedovo Airport, and the Vnukovo International Airport. It can be reached from nearly all international airports all over the world and all the major airlines of the world operate flights to Moscow.

How to reach Moscow by road

Getting into Moscow by car is not a difficult task. All Federal Highways heading into Moscow from other countries are marked by an 'M'. Driving into Russia via car, however, requires paperwork which should be taken care of prior to the trip. Cities in the Moscow oblast are very conveniently connected as well via highways.

How to reach Moscow by train

Moscow is extensively connected via rail to all of Russia, East Asia and also Europe. It has a total of 9 railways stations serving various routes. Going towards Europe, Moscow is connected to Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, Prague, Helsinki, Belarus and Budapest. The Trans Siberian route connects Moscow with Eastern Russia and China.

How to reach Moscow by bus

Moscow is decently connected with nearby towns and cities such as Suzdal within the Moscow oblast. International bus routes to Europe are also available to locations like Berlin, Budapest, Warsaw, Prague and a few other cities. The bus rides, however, are extremely long and tiresome and trains and flights are always preferred.

Local transport in Moscow

Public transportation in Moscow is rather convenient. The Moscow Metro is actually one of the most popular metros in the entire world. It is home to brilliant architecture, mosaics and murals. It has 12 lines and connects most of the main city. It also has a monorail system operating from Timiryazevskaya metro station to Ulitsa Sergeya Eisensteina. Buses run throughout the city and each street has at least one bus operating on it and connecting to the nearest metro station. Moscow also operates a tram service throughout the city. It used to be one of the most extensive tram services in the city, though some of the routes have now been withdrawn. Trams are convenient feeders to metro stations. Taxis also operate throughout the city. Multinational cab service UBER operates in Moscow.

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