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"Lazy suburb beach town "

Maui Tourism

Polynesian heritage mixed with the modern American lifestyle is what makes Maui a beautiful Hawaiian island.  Maui, the second-largest of the Hawaiian islands is a popular tourist destination, mostly among North Americans. Its called the 'Valley Isle' as it sits between the east and the west volcano, which shape this majestic island.
From dramatic volcano slopes to magnificent pacific views, from hiking expeditions to camping at 10000 ft. above sea level under the stars, Maui serves as the best combination of the ocean and hilltops. 

One of the best ways to experience Maui is the return journey from Kahului (Lao Valley, central Maui), where the airport is located and where most of the tourists stay, on the Hana highway. 600 turns, driving along the coastline of this massive island and splendid weather forces you to continue this journey. The sunrise at Haleakala Volcano Summit, the world's largest dormant volcano peak is once in a lifetime experience. Bonus, experience the best of this by paragliding here. In addition to this, Snorkelling in the day and Cocktail cruise in the evening is the Pride of Maui. It is a dream package, ideal for splurgers as well as budget travellers.

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Currency in Maui

USD is used everywhere on the Hawaiin Islands.

Exchanging Money in Maui

Since itês a tourist destination, there are plenty of money exchange outlets across the towns of Maui and various ATM machines available.

Daily Budget for Maui

A daily budget of USD 150 excluding accommodation and shopping is ideal for a traveller with a goal to experience Maui at its best. This includes one meal at restaurant (under USD 30) and then you have the option of exploring the ever so delicious vendors across Maui. One the best highlights of this island is its food, and some of the best Tacos as well as local delights are available at the food trucks/vendors, hence pulls strings and saves you money. You can filter out the activities as per your budget, for a Atlantis Submarine experience, you would have to shell out USD 115, but Maui Turtle Watch Snorkeling would cost you USD 42.

Religion of Maui

Maui has no dominant ethnic group or religion, but a variety of them. However, Christianity is the most prominent of them all.

Maui Customs

Since itês a beach town, clothing is extremely casual in Maui. From shirts, skirts, loose tops, summer dresses and hats.. Anything and everything.

Language of Maui

English is the most widely spoken language in Maui however, the native language is also prevalent, like the ever famous 'Aloha' which means 'Hello' in English is the way to go about in Maui.

History of Maui

The Polynesians migrated to Hawaii and established communities here. It was only after the arrival of Captain James Cook in 1778 that the scenario changed. At the time, each island was a separate kingdom. According to popular mythology, the demigod Maui pulled Hawaii from the sea and hence, Island Maui is named after him, as its shape resembles a man's head with shoulders. Soon after, King Piilani became the first ruler who united all habitants of Maui under the same belt, He was defeated by Kind Kamehameha and Lahaina was made the capital for decades ahead. Agriculture came into being in Maui after the plantation of the first sugar mill in 1828, soon when the whalers industry had started to grow immensely. As the Sugar industry started booming, there was a massive influx of plantation workers from Asia, mostly China, Korea, Japan, Philippines etc. These workers were the foundation ground of the multicultural society we have today in Maui.

Nightlife in Maui

We go far away from the city to experience something other than what we do here. Live music, waves hitting the shore and breezy evenings. Maui is all about kicking back and taking off that frown, those worries off of your face, for a reason its called the 'lazy suburb beach town'. Whether its Front street at Lahaina, Charley's at Paia or Whaler's village at Kaanapali, the music is bound to make you feel calm yet energetic. For dance lovers, there is Casanova at Makawo and Old dance parties in Central Maui. For splurgers, the Sunset cruise is the perfect opportunity to witness the ever so beautiful sun hide behind the ocean, with some cocktails and Hawaiian delicacies to make your evening even better. An interesting ritual which happens here in Maui is the access to the free town party at different corners of the island arranged by the Maui County Office of Economic Development every Friday to celebrate Maui's culture, art and music. If you like this, then you would love the Makena Sunday beach party, a secret of the locals and an age old tradition.

Shopping in Maui

Maui has two malls in the Kahului area called the 'Maui Mall' and 'Queen Kaahumanu centre'. Other than that there are small independent boutiques scattered across Makawao and Paia. For people with a loose hand on money, Whaler's village is the perfect destination. Souvenir shopping can be done best at Kahului at Maui Swap Meet and for a taste of the local bred food and clothing, yes the printed shirts and skirts, Takaniya market in Central Maui is the place.

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FAQs on Maui

What is the best time to visit Maui?

There is literally no 'best time' to vist Maui. Weather is on an average 85 degrees Fahrenheit the entire year, however April - May and September - June is when the hangover of the tourist season begins. This is rather a wonderful and ideal time to visit Maui, especially for budget travellers. From December - March, tourists come in abundance, especially from the US mainland and Canada, i.e mostly from colder areas. April marks as the beginning of the 'traveller' time in Maui, when there is comparatively less crowd and hence, everything is a little cheaper.
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What is the local food in Maui?

Since it is an island, seafood is in abundance to cater your tastebuds. However, for vegetarians there are plenty of options as well. Maui is home to a variety of agricultural activities and hence, a lot of its food has a dominant fruit or vegetable base. The island thrives on the vegetation of avocados, onions, cabbage, broccoli etc and most majorly Pineapple. A must try is the pineapple wine which is available across the island however you could go to the only wineyard of the Island 'Maui's winery Ulupalaku' for some wine tasting. Your trip is incomplete if you dont indulge in some local Hawaiin food. One of the best restaurants for local cuisine is 'Da Kitchen' in Kahalui, but dont forget to try the classic Hawaiin dessert 'Shaved ice' which consists of shaved ice inundated with flavoured syrups. Fish lovers can head to 'Coconut's' in Kihei for the best fish tacos in town. Try Lomilomi (Salmon) as well as Locomoco (Rice, brown gravy, hamburger patty with fried egg) which is a sought after delicacy of the island, a must for spice lovers. Dont forget to try the Old Lahaina Laus! It is a unique blend of authentic Hawaiin food, local wine and Hula dancers whilst you fill your tummy.
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What is the best way to reach Maui?

Maui can be reached only by Air via the United States mainland from the rest of the world. The island has an airport at Kahalui. There are direct flights from the US to Maui and also from the US via Honululu to Maui. The island is accessible from other Hawaiin islands by short plane rides but the most convenient is the Hawaiin interisland Super Ferry which runs between the islands. There is also a short ferry service available between Maui and Lanai islands. For luxury lovers, a cruise goes through the Hawaiin islands which begins at the 'Big Island' of Hawaii, but only stops for a day at Maui.
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What are the places near Maui?

The top places near to Maui are Honolulu which is 168 km from Maui, New york city which is located 7892 km from Maui, Las vegas which is located 4334 km from Maui, Los angeles which is located 4010 km from Maui, San diego which is located 4083 km from Maui

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