Diving in Maui: Top 10 Dive Sites in Maui for the Best Splash

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Maui is one of the best islands in Hawaii, blessed with rich marine life and beautiful beaches. If you are a beginner or a professional, the island welcomes you with different spots for every type of diver for scuba diving and snorkelling. While scuba diving in Maui, you can come across a wide range of rare marine species in Hawaii, like green sea turtles, eels, rays, whales, dolphins, and many more. The waters being clear and calm at most beaches throughout the day ranks it as the best destination for diving.

Here Are Our Favourite Spots for Diving in Maui:

1. Airport Beach

A picture of Airport Beach
Airport Beach is also known as Kahekili Beach Park is located along Kaanapali Beach. With a dept of over 40 feet, the beach is the best spot for beginners and professional divers and among the most popular spots for diving in Maui. Visitors are sure to find some unique corals and various fishes like lemon butterflies, yellowtail coris, needlefish, and many more. Also, there is no need for any diving license for beginner’s level. The beach also has many different types of diving courses and tours provided by various operators like In2Scuba that offers the best Beginner Shore Dives in Maui.
Cost: Approx. USD 79 to USD 495
Address: 65 Kai Ala Dr, Lahaina, HI 96761, United States

2. Lanai Cathedrals

A beautiful picture of Lanai Cathedrals
Voted as the "Top 10 Dive Sites in the World", Lanai Cathedrals is one of the best places for scuba diving in Maui. With a depth of about 50 feet, a dive here can get you a beautiful tour of the marine life and unique cathedrals in Maui. Divers usually spot many dolphins, turtles, and rare corals while exploring the waters. The underwater cracked caverns have been the best diving spots in Maui, with beautiful corals and light rays focusing on the sea bed. Many local operators such as Dive Maui, Lahaina Divers, and many others provide the best boat dive if you are a licensed diver.
Cost: Approx. USD 225 to USD 261
Address: Lanai City, HI 96763, United States

3. Back Wall of Molokini

A picture of Back Wall of Molokini
If you are a certified diver, Molokini is one of the best spots for wall diving in Maui. The partially sunken volcanic back wall is the best spot for cliff and wall dives with over 300 feet of deep clear waters. You can experience the best marine life at this depth with frequent visits of dolphins, sharks, whales, and many other rare aquatic creatures. Many famous dive operators like Lahaina Divers, Makena Coast Dive Charters, and many other local operators also offer the best safe and affordable dive experience in Maui.
Cost: Approx. USD 279
Address: Molokini, Hawaii, USA

4. Honolua Bay

A picture of Honolua bay
The huge waves and dense reef waters make Honolua Bay the best scuba diving destination in Maui. It's the best dive spot for beginners and professionals with many popular operators like Dive Maui, In2Scuba, and many more to help you with the required training. For someone who loves to explore marine life, this destination is the best for you, with a close view of manta rays, tropical fish, omilu, barracuda, and many more. 
Cost: Approx. USD 225 to USD 261
Address: Honolua Bay, Hawaii 96761, USA

 5. Mala Wharf Pier

A picture of Mala Wharf Pier
Mala Wharf Pier in Lahaina is one of the best diving spots for locals in Maui, with a depth of approx 35 feet. It is one of the best beginner-friendly diving spots in Maui, which does not need any license or a professional course. The site is famous for its night dives and shore dives offered by many best scuba diving companies in Maui like In2Scuba, Maui Diving, and many others. A dive to this site will also give you a wonderful experience of exploring sea turtles, Frog Fish, and rare White Tip Sharks in Maui.
Cost: Approx. USD 129
Address: 71 Ala Moana St, Lahaina, HI 96761, United States

6. Makena Landing

A picture of Makena Landing
Makena Landing, known as the Five Caves and Turtle Town, is one of the best spots for beginner-friendly shore diving in Maui, with expert trainers and guides available for you. It is an excellent dive spot to explore various caves, corals, sea turtles, octopuses, nudibranchs, Grottos, and much more exciting stuff. With a depth of approx 45 feet, the bubble cave is the must-see spot while exploring and is also encouraged by many operators such as Makena Landing Park, In2Scuba, shore diving, and many more.
Address: 5083 Makena Rd, Kihei, HI 96753, United States

 7. Ulua Beach

A picture of Ulua Beach
Ulua Beach is one of the best dive sites in South Maui for beginners. The beach is usually the training spot for scuba diving beginners with calm waters and abundant marine life. While completing your training, you are sure to find various rare fishes, Eels, triggerfish, and butterflyfish around you. Do not forget to grab your camera for the dive to capture the best of underwater life. You can even have a night dive or a formal dive through various operators like banyan tree divers, shore diving, and many others for the best training and diving experience in Maui.
Address: Ulua Beach, Wailea-Makena, HI 96753, United States

8. The Carthaginian

A picture of The Carthaginian
If you are someone who loves to explore history along with a great dive experience, this dive site in Maui is the best for you. The 100 feet Carthaginian shipwreck site is just allowed to be accessed by certified divers with prior experience. A 10 minutes boat ride from the dock will take you to the dive site of the Carthaginian. The shipwreck site is also a home for the best aquatic wonders like turtles, frogfish, corals, white tip reef sharks, eels, and many more. Many popular dive agencies like Dive Maui, Lahaina Divers, Maui diving also offer guided dive tours at the best cost.
Cost: Approx. USD 169 to USD 205
Address: Lahaina, Hawaii

9. Kapalua Bay

A picture of Kapalua Bay
Kapalua Bay is one of the best-protected bays in Maui, with a depth of 45 feet and gifted with rich marine life. The dive spot is suitable for everyone without a diving license or any experience. The bay is less dived, but the lava beds at the end with rare fishes and corals are the must-visit spots for diving at the beautiful Kapalua Bay. There are many dive operators in the west of Maui like In2Scuba, Viator, shore diving, and many more that offer boat dive and the best shore dives in Maui.
Cost: Minimum USD 79
Address: Kapalua, HI 96761, United States

 10. Black Rock Point

A picture of Black Rock Point
Located at the north end of Kaanapali Beach, Black Rock Point is rated in the top 4 beach dives in the USA. With a depth of about 32 feet, the dive site is the best spot for beginners and intermediate divers for shore dives. Also known for its night dive, you can spot some rare Moray eels, rays, turtles, reef fishes, and many unique corals throughout the season. You can even book the best dive tours from various operators like In2scubaDiving, shore diving, and many more for the best dive experience in Maui.
Cost: Minimum USD 99
Address: Kaanapali, HI 96761, United States
Do you know of any other top spotsfor diving in Maui? Tell us in the comments.

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