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Q. If you want to go for the day from morning to evening with family, do you get some kind of a outhouse or something just for the day so that the elders and kids could just use the washroom, chill out even take a small nap?

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Q. For morning to evening is this place good for couple? How is food and rooms?

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Aashimi Bhatia 2 years ago
- Make sure you book your hotel/resort rooms in advance and make sure the rooms in your name are there on the day you will be present. Many hotels in Manori are known to play with their customer bookings to cope with the crowd on busy days. Beware of resorts asking you to give up your cottages for smaller, stingier apartments.
- The beach can be really lonely during some week-days. Advisable to carry own food on weekdays especially at morning or afternoons.
- Carry lots of sunscreen! If not for spiritual purposes, go with family and friends, and carry along some games !
Jay Vithlani 2 years ago
One the the best place to visit in Mumbai where you can leave behind all your worries and just enjoy.

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