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Q. Planning a trip to manali, kasol, solang valley during the last week of February with friends for 5 days. Can you please tell the duration of stay there and the chance of snowfall? Should we include kulu in the list??

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Rajat Jain

3 years ago
By the end of February, chances of snowfall diminish in the Kasol area. Manali and Solang will probably still have snow. 5 days is decent for experiencing the adventure activities that Manali and Sol (Read More)ang have to offer. Kullu has great white water rafting options, if you can deal with the cold and the water, together. Have fun.
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Q. Planning for a trip in late March to Manali. Will we find snow then? Is late March suitable for travelling to Manali?

Rohit Shroff

3 months ago
Late March is not ideal if you're looking to find snow over there. Snow season typically ends by March first week, but if you're lucky, you might catch a day or two with snow as well.

Q. Manali is a safe place to travel with family?

Rohit Shroff

3 months ago
Yes, Manali is definitely a safe place to travel with family.

Q. If July is the best time to visit in Manali and solang valley?

Rohit Shroff

4 months ago
While you can visit Manali in July, but it is an off season because of the rainy season. You should ideally trip to avoid July-September.
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