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Solang Valley, Manali Overview

When heading to Manali for a vacation, two absolutely essential destinations in the itinerary are Rohtang and Solang Valley. 14 kilometres to the north west of the main town of Manali, Solang Valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Situated on the way to Rohtang from Manali, every year the valley welcomes tourists in huge numbers. A favourite for adventure enthusiasts, parachuting to paragliding, horse riding to driving mini-open jeeps specially available for tourists of all age groups, Solang Valley has it all.

During winters, Solang valley is covered with snowmaking skiing is a popular sport here, with training institutes and trainers located in the valley to supervise skiers and train beginners. As the snow melts, skiing is taken over by zorbing. Another popular attraction of Solang valley, taking advantage of the slopes of the valley, you are likely to spot a huge transparent ball with mostly two people inside it rolling down the slope during summers. Yes, Zorbing is as much fun as it looks like. One of the most vibrant and enjoyable places in Manali, there is no way one can possibly miss this amazing valley, while here.

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Paragliding and Other Activities in Solang Valley

Solang Valley is easily every adventure lover's paradise. There are a wide variety of activities and adventure sports here, where you can really challenge the daredevil in you. Among these, paragliding is perhaps the most pursued activity here. In this sport, you are supposed to jump from a higher altitude such that a parachute opens up and allows to cover some horizontal distance as well. Here at the Solang Valley, ample arrangements are in place such that both freshers and experienced paragliders can enjoy this activity. Best time for paragliding varies according to seasons. In case you are planning to visit from January to May or October to December, then 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM is the time slot for paragliding. This activity is generally shut down during the monsoon season due to unfavourable weather conditions. Cost of paragliding varies from INR 600 - 1800. It is an extremely thrilling activity which will push you to your limits.

Another activity you can try out here is the skiing, where you are allowed to slide down a slope covered with snow with the appropriate gear and supervision. If you catch the sight of people rolling away down the valley whilst in a giant transparent ball, you have just witnessed zorbing! Zorbing can be pursued here at a price of INR 500 per head and is a definite must try. There are overhead cable car rides available as well, which gives a breathtaking view of the entire valley. 

Apart from the wide variety of adventure sports available here, there are swings at the base of the valley for the kids. Other leisure activities like Horse riding, fancy photography are the other attractions that keep tourists engaged and maintains a fair-like the atmosphere in the valley throughout the day.

Solang Valley Weather and Best Time to Visit

The best part about Solang Valley is that it is an all season place. Visiting Solang, hence depends on your purpose. If you want to enjoy winter sports, visiting Solang from November to February is recommended as the valley is covered with snow during that time of the year. Winters are also preferred for the lovely weather. The valley when covered in snow looks magnificent. During summers, the valley experiences mildly hot afternoons while it continues to be cold in the mornings and evenings. Adventure sports change depending on the season. Choose your pick.

Solang Valley Snowfall Time

The crystal snow in Solang starts making an appearance towards the beginning of October. With the onset of core winter months, the temperature can drop down to -1 °C with nights being especially chilly, so carrying plenty of woollens is advisable. December to January is the peak time for snowfall and is the ideal time to enjoy adventure sports.


The locals here are convincing and soft-spoken, while you might be sitting in your quiet corner, some local vender is bound to approach you with a smiling face and a humble request of trying the local traditional attires and posing for a picture (for which you will be charged), you might also come across furry rabbits and yaks and cobras which a tourist can pose with and get clicked. Bargain, do not accept photography or adventure sports deal as offered.

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abhijit sreepada 11 months ago
The 14 kilometre drive from Manali to Solang was totally worth it when I reached the start point of the ropeway that takes one up in Solang Valley. It just got better with every passing minute. As I the cable car started up the hill, I saw views that I won’t ever forget. It was almost as though I entered a postcard. Upon reaching the top, I encountered breathtaking views like never before. The snow top peaks majestically soared and the alpine slopes covered with confers together made it magical. One feels like they’re in wonderland.
Rohit Shroff 11 months ago
One of my best trips happened a few years back. We were 5 friends on a trip to Manali and we wanted to see Solang Valley. That day, there was a snow storm and most of the taxis refused to go till Solang Valley. So we rented some ATV (all terrain vehicles) and went to solang valley. It was really beautiful, completely covered in snow. We did skiing and paragliding over there and it was a lot of fun. Solang Valley is Highly recommend
Babin Bharath 11 months ago
#chill#adventure#manali cream#peace#

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