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Manikaran Sahib

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Ideal duration: 1 day

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"Hot springs of Himachal"

Manikaran Sahib Tourism

Located in the Parvati Valley along the banks of river Parvati in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, Manikaran is known as an important pilgrimage destination for both Sikhs and Hindus. The hot springs, religious tendencies, and beautiful surroundings attract a lot of people. A good number of temples and Gurudwara, Manikaran Sahib forms the religious pattern of the place.

The Gurudwara is believed to be sacred by the Sikhs and the Hindus, each having their own reasons behind their beliefs. According to Sikhs, Guru Nanak Ji performed several miracles here and Hindus believe that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati stayed here for almost 1100 years. This Gurudwara is also mentioned in the 'Twelfth Guru Khalsa' by Giani Gian Sikh which makes it more pure and significant for its disciples. There are three hot springs where one can take a bath, one being inside the Gurudwara itself and the other two being privatised by the guesthouses. Different sections for men and women are made at the bathing place. The water in these springs contains uranium, sulphur and other radioactive elements which are capable of curing tremendous diseases. The hot springs again have religious and spiritual beliefs connected to it. The spiritual and religious connectivity makes the hot springs holy and a great place for pilgrims to pay a visit. The water is hot enough to prepare food directly for thousands of devotees who visit to attain peace and spirituality. The water is auspicious and is boiling today as well.

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More on Manikaran Sahib

Manikaran, as the name suggests has its origin from gem or Mani. Hindu Lord Siva and his wife Goddess Parvati were fascinated by the beauty of the place and chose to stay here for 1100 years. During their stay, Goddess Parvati lost her Mani in the stream and was upset about it. A serpent, Shesh Naag seized the Mani as a result of which Lord Shiva got angry and performed tandav ( a form of dance) so as to get back the Mani. The serpent hissed giving rise to the boiling water and hot springs. The gems likening to that of Parvati's sprung up all over the spilt water. Since then the place got the name, Manikaran.The jewels continued to spring up until the earthquake of 1905.

According to Sikhs, the founder of Sikhism Guru Nanak Ji came here in 1574 during the third Udasi along with his follower Bhai Mardana. Mardana felt hungry but there was no food so he was sent by Guru Nanak Ji to collect food for Langar. People donated flour to make rotis. Despite having the ingredients they were unable to cook food because of unavailability of water. As directed by Guruji Mardana picked up a stone and a hot water spring appeared in which the rotis floated at first. Nanak Ji advised him to pray to god that if these chapatis float back he will donate one of them in his name and to his astonishment the chapatis not only floated but turned into edible stuff. Since then it is believed that if you donate something there in the name of god you are likely to get the lost items back.

Manikaran does not have too many options for food. One can eat at the lungars organized by the temples and the gurudwaras in the area. The food in lungars is delicious as well as hygienic. It might also be convenient to carry your own food or make some personal arrangements.
Himachali cuisine is very simple as it mainly revolves around Chapati, dals, vegetable gravy and curd. Pickles are typically served along with a meal in most of the eating joints here.

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Day1: Visit the place and stay according to your will. The gurudwara offers space for living and town comprises of many guesthouses. On your day one, complete your tour inside the gurudwara and explore the reasons behinds it sacredness. Take rest and cherish the food coming straight away from god's kitchen in the form of Langar. Bath into the hot springs and wash away all the impurities.
Day 2: Mark the beginning of your day with a dip into Kulant Pith and afterwards head towards Lord Ramchandra Temple with Lord Shiva to be the next place to visit. Langar is provided to the disciples. Choose your way out of having lunch here or outside. Look around to the local markets and enjoy the aura of the place. You can also visit nearby towns of Tosh, Kasol, Kullu and Manali if time permits. Each of those towns will take 1-2 days to cover.

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Manikaran Sahib Reviews

9 months ago by Rohit Shroff

Manikaran is a small town, known primarily for the Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara and hot springs around it. It's around 3-4 km from Kasol and around 40 km from Bhuntar. You can reach here by taking a local bus or taxi from Bhuntar or Kullu. Manikaran is a good place for a day trip and should be definitely included in your Kullu Manali trip. If you're coming to Kasol, then even 4 hours is enough to cover Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara.

9 months ago by Kasi Rao

Lord Ramachandra Temple located at Manikaran in the district of Simla, is a popular Hindu Temple. It is located in the centre of the town. The Temple complex is a very big one. At the centre is the Lord Ramachandra Temple and to the right is Lord Siva temple. The premises has two hot springs, one called as sita khund and the other as Rama Khund. It is very convenient to take bath here. Ladies can take bath at Sita khund and gents at Rama Khund. The premises has three halls and about 40 rooms for the pilgrims to stay. A langar is arranged for food. The temple is very peaceful and one can admire the beauty of the location. It is a must visit temple.

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Holidify's Opinion

  What's Great?

Hot Springs, beautiful surroundings of hills and valleys and its religious importance for both Sikhs and Hindus make Manikaran a must-visit place.

  What's not so Great?

Roadblocks during heavy snowfall and power cut during those days. Extreme cold during winters. Limited options for food and staying.

For Whom

For pilgrims and people who wish to travel to hill-stations. For people going to places like Kullu, Manali, Kasol and other parts of Parvati Valley.


How to Reach Manikaran Sahib

The major railway station is in Pathankot which is 300 km away. One can also travel to Manikaran from Kullu or Manali since both these tourist destinations are very close to each other. Cabs can be... (Read More)

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