Adventure Sports in Manali

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Adventure Sports in Manali

Adrenaline junkies can get their fix amidst the majestic snow covered mountains of Manali. Rip through the snow with your skiing board or go white water rafting and crash through the wild waters of R (Read More)iver Beas. These adventure sports are definitely worth checking out for those visiting or just passing through Manali.

Here is the list of 19 Adventure Sports in Manali

1. Paragliding in Manali

Paragliding in Manali
4.0 /5

The hillside town of Manali is famous for paragliding. At 2050 metres above sea level, it is an ultimate location for the sport, with its beautiful green valleys, stark blue skies, and snow-capped mountain peaks. The picture-perfect valley boasts of ideal wind conditions for paragliding and is thronged by both international and domestic tourists. Starting with a basic training course, the operators are well organized, competent and trustworthy.

2. Skiing in Manali

Skiing in Manali
4.0 /5

A major tourist spot of North India, Manali is known for its excellent skiing conditions with skiing enthusiasts visiting from all over the country. The undulating slopes of Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass offer a perfect terrain for amateurs to learn their first move while an ideal grounds for professional skiing in Manali. So, if you are an adventure lover, leave yourself in the hands of your professional trainers to feel the thrill of skiing in the picturesque setting of Manali.

3. Rafting in Manali

Rafting in Manali

Kullu-Manali, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh of India, is popular for river rafting due to which many people come to this place to experience this water sport and enjoy themselves. River rafting in Kullu Manali is done along the River Beas and is considered ideal for expert rafters as well as beginners. The section of rafting starts from a small district called Pirdi, which is located near Manali and it flows through various locations like Bajaura, Sarabai, Bhuntar, Shamshi, Mohal, Raisol and Katrain.

4. Camping in Manali

Camping in Manali

In the laps of the green valley of Beas, surrounded by high mountain peaks, the resort town of Manali is a part of the Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. It draws tourists throughout the year to its scenic landscapes and multitudes of adventures. The valley is often referred to as the 'Valley of Gods' and was named after the Hindu lawgiver Manu. One of the many adventures the town offers, camping in Manali has been the most sought after. Manali offers a number of camping adventures like riverside camps, night camps, trekking camps and adventure camps. If a camping trip has been on your mind for some time, then here is your perfect guide for execution.

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5. Downhill Cycling in Manali

Downhill Cycling in Manali

The complex terrain of forested mountains describes the joy that is Manali. With picturesque views and challenging routes, downhill cycling is a thrilling adventure sport in Manali. This activity-package will include bikes and helmets. A guide would also assist you in understanding the best possible routes. Overall, for cyclists and thrill-seekers, downhill cycling is a must-do activity. Mountain Biking in this region is enjoyable and can be hired in Manali.

6. Mountain Trekking in Manali - Patalsu Peak

Mountain Trekking in Manali - Patalsu Peak

At a height of 4,220m, the Patalsu Peak is a treasure of the Kullu valley. An ideal trekking destination for moderate or experienced trekkers, the Patalsu Peak Trek has gained clout for being a difficult but rewarding experience. Enchanting views after an adrenaline-inducing trek are a promise.

7. Forest & Mountain Trekking in Manali - Lama Dugh

Forest & Mountain Trekking in Manali - Lama Dugh

Lamadugh is popular as one of the must-visit and most visited places near Manali. This day trek starts from the meeting point in Old Manali. Trekking through thick forests of Pine and Deodar, one finally reaches the picturesque Lamadugh. The trek ensures that everyone experiences the scenic beauty of the Himalayas, through clear open views of the surrounding mountains - Indrasan, Deo Tibba and the peaks of Bara Shigri glacier. The Chanderkhani Pass Trek and Beas Kund Trek are other trekking routes that also combine the experience of forests & mountains. The Jogini Waterfall Trek is another trek that is slightly easier.

8. Trekking & Camping in Manali - Prashar Lake

Trekking & Camping in Manali - Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake is a picturesque spot around 100km from Manali and is famous for camping. Reaching Prashar Lake involves a 9km trek, which is why it is a great destination for trekkers and campers. Prashar is also home to a Pagoda-style temple, adding allure to an overnight camping experience here. Alternatively, Bhrigu Lake Trek offers a similar experience.

9. River Crossing in Manali

River Crossing in Manali

River Crossing is an enjoyable adventure sport in Manali. With a rope-line across a section of river Beas, and safety equipment to assist you, adventure enthusiasts have relished river crossing for many years now. This activity is available to those falling within the 35-125kg weight range.

10. Zorbing in Manali

Zorbing in Manali

Zorbing is a fun hill-sport in this region that takes advantage of the picturesque downward slopes of the Himalayas. The thrill of rolling down picturesque views at a speed that is not in your control is not just exhilarating but also alluring for zorbers. While zorbing has become a popular recreational activity, Zorbing in Solang Valley is a wholly new experience. Professional instructors ensure that you are well instructed and safe throughout the activity.

11. Biking through Mountains in Manali

Biking through Mountains in Manali

For bikers, the road is all they love and cherish. While this can be questioned when on terrible roads or in hot weather, Manali reminds bikers of why they fell in love in the first place. A melting pot of terrains, Manali offers bikers mountains, forests, orchards and villages. One can spot unique European architecture, waterfalls and other picturesque surprises amidst the challenging terrain. Bikes are readily available for hire in Manali, requiring an initial deposit.

12. Quad Biking in Manali

Quad Biking in Manali

A lovely way to explore the off-road slopes of Solang Valley near Manali is Quad Biking. This All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a genuine delight for all ages. The combination of a sturdy vehicle and picturesque views makes it impossible for thrill-seekers to contain themselves. With minimal risk, you can explore Solang Valley up to the banks of river Beas, taking in the scenic beauty of this region. There are professional guides who will help you exploit this opportunity in a safe yet enjoyable way.

13. Rock Climbing & Rappelling in Manali

Rock Climbing & Rappelling in Manali

For acrophiliacs, Rock Climbing through a rock slab 25-35 feet high and Rappelling down a waterfall can be pretty exciting. If this resonates with you, you've found your favourite activity in Manali. Rock Climbing and Rappelling in Manali as you hear the gushing river Beas is an enthralling experience. Harnesses and safety gear ensure that adventure-seekers are safe but require a certain level of physical fitness. If the local guides believe you're up to it, an experience of a lifetime awaits you.

14. Jeep Safari in Manali

Jeep Safari in Manali

Jeep Safaris may be a fun way to explore the mountainous terrain in and around Manali. There are various operators who offer Jeep Safari packages in this region.

15. Mountaineering in Manali

Mountaineering in Manali

With snow-capped mountains and peaks in and around Manali, it is bound to come to mind if people climb to the top of them and they definitely do. Mountaineering has become a sought after activity in Manali and people flock to the base camps with rigorous training and preparation. Kullu’s peaks offer a huge playground for the trained and more adventurous ones, while Manali has a few small peaks like Beas Kund and Chandratal for beginners.

16. Mountain Biking in Manali

Mountain Biking in Manali

If exploring new trails excites you, then you should rent a mountain bike and just wander off into the untouched parts of Manali. The hill station has a lot of trails and there are tailored mountain bike packages from a lot of operators. Some of the famous trails are Rumsu Village, Naggar, Jana Falls and Rhala Falls.

17. Hiking in Manali

Hiking in Manali

There’s no better feeling of seeing a beautiful view after tiring your legs out by climbing a rugged terrain and doing it in a place like Manali feels a lot more rewarding. You could walk through meadows in Hampta pass, get on top of the boulders in Beas kund or hike up to the Chandratal lake and stay overnight to stargaze. All you need to do is stay healthy and pack your bags to experience something exhilarating and satisfying.

18. Jeep Safari in Manali

Jeep Safari in Manali

Hitting the road sometimes can give a lot of perspective while travelling. Manali will enchant with you all kinds of topography and the Jeep Safaris will certainly boost your adrenaline. There is so much terrain that can be explored and there are packages that take you around the local places and there are ones that take you to Spiti, Lahaul, Shimla, Mcleodganj and ladakh as well.

19. Angling in Manali

Angling in Manali

Angling is a type of fishing technique using a hook. The hook is let into the water by attaching food or something that attracts the fish which will bait them. The Beas river is a good destination for angling and the state tourism board is taking efforts to enrich the experience of angling in Manali.

Which of these sports gets your blood pumping?

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