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Best Time : April and June

Time Required : Paragliding ride starts as low as 1 minute.
Longest trip: 60 mins
Conventional trips: 20 mins
The 1-minute option involves a drop and a descent and is not recommended as it is too short a trip.

Recommendation for Beginners & Experienced Gliders : Tandem ride and 15-minute flight is recommended for beginners
A longer flight is recommended for experienced gliders.

Cost for Paragliding in Manali : Ranges between INR 1000 to INR 4000, depending on the location, duration, and equipment.
A basic paragliding course for solo flights is available at prices starting from INR 10,000. The course usually takes 7 days.

Note: Tandem rides are typically more expensive than solo rides, and experienced pilots are more expensive, but it is definitely worth it.

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Paragliding in Kullu Manali, Manali Overview

The hillside town of Manali is famous for paragliding. At 2050 metres above sea level, it is an ultimate location for the sport, with its beautiful green valleys, stark blue skies, and snow-capped mountain peaks.

The picture-perfect valley boasts of ideal wind conditions for paragliding and is thronged by both international and domestic tourists. Starting with a basic training course, the operators are well organized, competent and trustworthy.

Medium flights involve a 15-minute flight, while long/high flights last between 40 minutes and 1 hour. Individuals with a paragliding license can opt for solo flights while amateurs are allowed to take tandem flights – where a pilot accompanies the individual and navigates the glider.

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Paragliding Spots in Kullu Manali

Solang Valley: Located 11 kilometres from Manali at Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley is the most popular destination for both tandem and solo flights. The views of the valley, apple orchards, and snow-capped peaks are truly breathtaking from this site. While booking a paragliding trip at Solang, make sure that the operator arranges for transportation to and from the launch site. The only way to reach the area is through ropeway, and that costs an additional INR 1500 – 2000.

Dobhi, Naggar: Take a 15-minute flight from Falayn to Naggar and fly over Dobhi Valley that teems with flowers in the springtime. Drive to Dobhi in Naggar and take part in an instructional lec-dem, after which one is free to soar above the clouds. Only tandem paragliding is available at this location.

Burua-Shanag: One of the most recently approved paragliding sites, the area is relatively unexplored which means that there is less tourist influx. This makes Burua ideal for people looking for not very crowded paragliding sites.

Taleti Kharal Valley: Beginning at Taleti valley, this paragliding flight ends at Talogi valley after 20 minutes and offers one of the most breathtaking views of Manali. Taleti is about 40 kilometres away from Manali.

Marhi: Located 33 kilometres away from Manali, this is one of the oldest paragliding sites, where both high and long flights are allowed.

Gulaba: Located 30 kilometres away from Manali, Gulaba is popular for its biodiversity and stunning topography. The rose valleys, apple orchards, and animals of Gulaba are best observed from a bird’s eye view! Both high and medium flights are allowed here.

Best Time for Paragliding in Manali

The summer months between April and June are ideal for paragliding in Manali. With temperatures ranging between 10 and 25 degrees Celcius, weather conditions are ideal. The autumn months between October and December are also good options, but keep in mind that this is the off-season time and weather may not be as favourable as summer. Paragliding is not permitted during the monsoon months.

Notable Operators

Gautam and Gautam Group, Kullu
Contact: +91-44-6531-5613, +91-8894404523 

Iceland Hotel, Solang Valley
Contact: +91-9816066508

The Himalayan Village, Parvati Valley
Contact: +919805072712 , +919418175712

Rockland Inn, Manali
Contact: +91-9459126763 

Himalayan Extreme Centre, Manali
Contact: +91-91816174164

Manali Backpackers, Manali
Contact: +91-8894111111, +91-7807811171

Tiger Eye Adventures, Manali
Contact: +91-9418192470

Office hours are between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. It is strongly advised to book the paragliding session at least a week in advance.

Safety Tips

1. Carry appropriate footwear and thermal gear before paragliding. Reflective sunglasses are also recommended.
2. Some launch sites may require a hike, so be prepared.
3. There is a 110 kg limit per person (including bags) to be allowed to paraglide.
4. Children below 12 years of age are not allowed to participate.
5. Paragliding is an adventure sport, so it is essential to be aware of all inherent risks it poses – people with heart and lung ailments, sinus issues, ear infections, motion sickness and pregnant women should avoid this sport.
6. The sport is cancelled in case of adverse weather conditions. Consult with local weather authorities before planning a trip.

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Q. Where do I go for paragliding at Manali? Kindly help.


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Solang valley would be the best place to go paragliding in Manali.
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