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Lake Tondano is a beautiful and popular tourist destination located near Tondano city and is surrounded by Caldera rim on the east side and rice fields on the west. The road from Manado to this volcanic lake is spectacular with stunning views all the way up and has many restaurants lined along the road. It is the second-largest lake in Indonesia covering an area of 4278 hectares. and is one of the best places to spend a lovely evening and enjoy an amazing sunset over the serene lake.

The lake occupies over 4 hectares of land surrounded by rolling mountains (Kaweng, Lembena, Tampusu and Masarang Mountains). It is situated about 600 metres above sea level and occupies portions of Eris, Remboken and Kakas sub-districts. Its picturesque neighbourhood and non-polluted natural environment draw tourists in a considerable number. The village is located just about 3 kilometres from another Indonesian city, Tomohon, and therefore, is a preferred choice for a weekend getaway or a picnic.

The atmosphere turns cold and breezy in the afternoon, a perfect ambience to enjoy a cup of any of the nearby cafes. There are many fish farms and restaurants built on stilts on the lake. The restaurants around the lake serve incomparably fresh seafood. The fish and lobsters caught from the massive fish nets placed in the lake are cooked in local Indonesian sauce and served. With all the boats, wooden restaurants on stilts, fishnets and fishing activities going on in and around the lake, the place is really pleasing and ideal for photography.

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One can enjoy Kayaking in the lake and bicycling around the hilly area. Sumaro Endo is a popular resort present on the edge of Lake Tondano. It has a huge infinity pool, a hot water swimming pool and amazing restaurant and accommodation facilities. There are numerous cafes and eateries along the lake. Danau Tondano and Lure Restaurant are some of the popular floating restaurants present here.

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