What is the best time to visit Mai Chau?

February - April: Set between the extreme winter chill and the summer wave of heat, the months of February to April offers the ideal weather to visit Mai Chau. Temperatures range from 18 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is low as it is just the onset of the rainy season. This time of the year is when the flowers bloom, and the slopes and plains are filled with a colourful blossom which is a visual treat. 

Weather in Mai Chau


Upcoming Mai Chau Weather

Mai Chau in Summer

The Summer season in Mai Chau begins in the month of May and continues till September. This is the hot and wet season with temperatures ranging from 26 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is torrential and continuous and the months of June to August. The weather extreme in this season maybe difficult for some travellers to cope with and so unless you are used to the tropical heat, it is not advisable to travel during this season.

Mai Chau in Winter

The Winter Season in Mai Chau begins in mid October and continues till the end of January. Temperatures drop quite low, upto 14 - 15 degrees celsius. These low temperatures are accompanied by biting cold winds. Rainfall is virtually non-existent during this season.

Mai Chau in Spring

The Spring season is by far the most pleasant season in Mai Chau. It starts in mid-February and goes on till April. It is accompanied by warm, pleasant weather and very little rainfall. Temperatures range from 18 degrees to 24 degrees celsius. This season also sees a number of flower blossoms.

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