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Hac Sa Beach, Macau Overview

Hac Sa Beach is Coloane, is the largest beach in Macau, known for its striking black sand. It gets its unique colour from minerals in the seabed that are washed ashore. Located on the Southern end of Coloane Island, Hac Sa is the most popular beach in Macau and an ideal vacation spot with a stunning view of the sea fading into the horizon.

Barbeque pits are ery popular at the beach, along with many food stalls and restaurants that offer a wide variety of street delicacies. Hac Sa Beach promises a day of unbridled fun and relaxation for its visitors. In summer months, the beach offers a wide variety of activities and is popular among locals and tourists alike. For those looking for more of a secluded, tranquil seatown experience, winter at the Hac Sa Beach is perfect. 

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Things to Do at Hac Sa Beach

  • Hac Sa Reservoir Country Park offers a vast range of activities including (but not limited to) sporting facilities like a pool, tennis court and golf course. It also offers a lovely stroll around the reservoir, pedal boats and a suspension bridge. 
  • Restaurants and food stalls on the beach are very popular, offering both fine dining and street food options. Some good restaurants on the beach are Fernando’s and Miramar, two of the most popular restaurants among both locals and tourists. Both restaurants serve Portuguese food with Macanese touches. 
  • Barbeque pits both within the Hac Sa reservoir and outside on the beach are very popular among visitors. 
  • The beach also has a campsite that is especially popular among students seeking adventure under the starry night skies of the beach. 

How To Reach Hac Sa Beach

For those wishing to make use of public transportation, buses 15, 21A, 25 and 26A stop near Hac Sa Beach. Alternatively, private taxi can be hired for the same.

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