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St Lawrence's Church, Macau Overview

Located in the Southwest of Macau Peninsula on Fung Shun Tang Street overlooking the sea, the St. Lawrence Church is one of the three main oldest and most beautiful churches in Macau. It is also commonly known as Feng Shun Tang, which translates literally to the church of smooth-sailing wind. The towering church was made for paying homage to, and in memory of a Portuguese saint, regarded as the saint of navigation through winds and water named St. Lawrence. After several reconstructions, the St Lawrence's Church stands as a symbol of Mary and depicts the general prayers of the families of sailors by its stories.

Not only is the church rich in history, but it is a low-key architectural marvel given the elaborate work on the doors, the subtle but ever-present grandeur of the decoration, and arrangement of the interiors. It is inspired from the baroque designs and there are 2 entry ways to it - the main front grand staircase or the rear end door - both of which are open to visitors. Beyond the St Lawrence Church is a lush green garden lined with palm trees which is a frequented picnic spot. 

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Architecture of St Lawrence Church

Architectural Style
Surrounded by a lush garden filled with palm trees and with complete hints of Baroque, St Lawrence's Church is a neo-classical structure, an architectural style based on the European classical architecture (Baroque). This church looks imposing and has a solemn hue with cream and white walls and symmetric bell-towers flagged on its two sides, one housing a clock for telling the time and the other is a bronze bell for announcing the mass. 

Main Building - Exterior
The main facade of the church has three divisions, each measuring about 21 meters long, the centre held up by two square towers and full of classical features like the pilasters and volutes over the windows. The front entrance is a double swing wrought-iron gate with a simple Greek cross symbol. The ground blueprint of the church is has been made in the shape of a Latin cross with dimensions as 37 meters by 29 meters. An old and ornate stone-carved cross is perched on the tiled roof and the ceiling has been painted a gorgeous turquoise with white and gold beams.

St Lawrence Church Macau
The towering facade (Source)

The altar is marked by a handsome statue of St. Lawrence depicted to be holding a bible in his right hand and carrying a staff in the left hand. Two interior chapels are formed by the shorter arms of the church where the longer extension of the building corresponds to the main nave inside and the main altar with the statue is separated by an embowed arch. The interior is equally grand and impressive in its appearance having huge and ormented columns/pillars, delicate drop lights, opulent chandeliers, all of which heighten the ambience in an elegant manner.

Interior of St Lawrence Church Macau
Interior of St Lawrence's Church (Source)

How To Reach St Lawrence Church Macau

Hop on bus 9, 16, 18, or 28B and get off at Fung Shun Tang Station. St Lawrence Church is at a walkable distance from there.

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