What is the best time to visit Lao Cai?

During the months of September to October, summer slowly starts fading away resulting in a drastic reduction of torrential rain. This time is the off season for domestic travellers and this gives you the opportunity to enjoy a natural holiday and soak in the local culture. September is also the harvest season in Lao Cai and this adds a lot of colour and local festivities and fun.

Weather in Lao Cai


Upcoming Lao Cai Weather

Monthly Weather in Lao Cai

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 25°/ 16° 6 days
February 24°/ 15° 7 days
March 29°/ 20° 15 days
April 28°/ 19° 14 days
May 33°/ 24° 21 days
June 35°/ 25° 24 days
July 33°/ 25° 19 days
August 34°/ 24° 28 days
September 32°/ 22° 12 days
October 30°/ 21° 18 days
November 27°/ 18° 4 days
December 24°/ 13° 5 days

Lao Cai in Dry Season

The dry season lasts from November to March. During this season, the average temperatures generally range around 20-22 degrees celsius and precipitation is minimal. The coldest month is January. In this season, there is totally about 3-4 hours of sunshine and snowfall occurs in areas with high elevation. Hoarfrost is common and og and mist perpetually cover the area.

Lao Cai in Rainy Season

The rainy season ranges from April to October. During this season, average temperatures range from 26 to 28 degrees celsius and heavy rainfall occurs. August is the rainiest month, recording an average of 300mm rainfall. The duartion of sunlight is higher, with the area receiving good sunlight for 6 - 7 hours a day.

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