What is the best time to visit Lai Chau?

During this time, theharshest part of the winter is just over, leaving behind cool wether. The humidity is relatively low and there is next to no rainfall. Temperatures range from 15 - 22 degrees celsius. A light mist floats around adding a mystic touch to the surroundings. Comfortable temperatures, coupled with next to no rainfall give you the opportunity to explore Lai Chau at your own pace.

Weather in Lai Chau


Upcoming Lai Chau Weather

Monthly Weather in Lai Chau

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 11 19
February 12 22
March 15 25
April 18 27
May 20 29
June 23 30
July 22 28
August 22 28
September 22 29
October 19 25
November 15 23
December 11 19

Lai Chau in Rainy season

The Rainy season starts in May and continues till September, with the month of July experiences extreme torrential rainfall. 80% of the average rainfall occurs in the months of June, july and August. This season sees high temperatures and humidity withg temperatures ranging from 25 - 35 degrees celsius. The rain and humidity maybe uncomfortable for those who are not used to tropical climate

Lai Chau in Dry Season

Dry Season begins from mid-October and continues till mid-April, with December and January being the coldest months. During this season, both temperatue and humidity are quite low, with temperatures dropping down to 5 degrees celsius. Thick mist hangs in the air and dry cold winds blow especially during the months of December and January

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