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Bac Ha

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Country rank: 32 out of 35 Places To Visit In Vietnam

Sub-Region: Lao Cai province in Northeastern part of Vietnam


Ideal duration: 2 days

Best time: December to April (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Bac Ha (Check Flights)


" Bustling market in a quaint landscape"

Bac Ha Tourism

A rural district in the northern part of the country, Bac Ha is a beautiful amalgam of various minorities that call Vietnam home. It is the capital of the Flower Hmong region and is most famous for its colourful and vibrant Sunday Market. You can also trek through the gentle northern mountains here, which are a beautiful sight to behold.

The region of Bac Ha is home to many charming villages that house almost 54 minorities of Vietnam and six groups of Hmong people. This region is a mix of activity on Saturday evenings when the weekly market comes to life, and this celebration of Vietnamese culture continues on Sunday as well. From intricately designed handmade traditional clothing to delicious local cuisine, all the essentials of this vibrant culture find a place here. You can interact with the locals and learn about their culture and lifestyle, which is a mesmerising experience in its own right. Popular items that you can buy from here include different textiles, saddles for horses, bags, cushions, figurines and other handcrafted items. Bac Ha is also famous for Tam Hoa plums. If the landscape captures your attention which it inevitably will, you can try your hand at trekking here as well.

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Bac Ha is a rural region and tourists are expected to dress up modestly and in a conservative fashion.

Perhaps the only piece of illustrious history here in Bac Ha is the ancient palace of Hoang A Tuong _ Meo King. The owner of this palace was a Tay person by the name of Hoang Yen Chao. His son Hoang A Tuong, on inheriting the position, amassed great wealth from a monopoly on forest exploitation and the sale of food, salt and opium. Before building the Palace, the Hoangs invited a geomancer to inspect the land and choose the best place to build the edifice. Sprawled over a large piece of land, this palace was designed by French and Chinese architects.

Bac Ha is not big on nightlife. However, you can enjoy some cold beer in the Bia Hoi stalls along the Tran Bac.

Bac Ha is most famous for its colourful clothing and textiles, saddles for horses, bags, cushions, figurines, handcrafts and Tam Hoa plums. Don't forget to try out the delectable local cuisine, which is available abundantly during the trade hours. Shopping is comparatively cheap here, and you will find quality merchandise in about VND 100000.

Cash is the most viable form of currency here, as it is a small rural region with no banking or ATMs for tourist.

No Banks or ATMs are present in Bac Ha, so make sure you carry enough cash before you arrive in this destination.

Shoestring Budget: VND 906,672 /day
Comfortable Budget: VND 2,266,566 /day
Luxury Traveller: VND 3,407,686

Bac Ha has a wide array of delicious Vietnamese food, starting from its famous Pho or rice noodles and fried rice dishes, with meat, tofu, bamboo, vegetables. You could also try fried spring rolls, noodle soup and pumpkin soup in a few local eateries here. You can try the local food at Thanh Son, Nha San Samu and Ngan Nga restaurant. Typically, the food costs about VND 100000- 200000.

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