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" Bustling market in a quaint landscape"

Bac Ha Tourism

Bac Ha is a village located in the Northwest of Vietnam and is a sleepy little town, the economy of which is centred around its Saturday and Sunday markets. The exchange, the colours, the local wares and an ever-bustling affair, these markets are usually visited on a day trip from the neighbouring Sa Pa Village. It is the capital of the Flower Hmong region and is a famous start-point for treks.

The region of Bac Ha is home to a number of charming villages that house almost 54 minorities of Vietnam. From intricately designed handmade traditional clothing to delicious local cuisine, all the essentials of this vibrant culture find a place at the markets here. Bac Ha is also famous for Tam Hoa plums.
If the landscape captures your attention, which it inevitably will, you can try your hand at trekking here as well. It is common for travellers to opt for Bac Ha instead of Sa Pa as there are fewer people and the trails are relatively unexplored.

Things to do in Bac Ha

1. Bac Ha Sunday Market

Bac Ha Sunday Market
The Sunday Market at Bac Ha is among the major tourist draws of Northwestern Vietnam, particularly if SaPa is a part of your itinerary. The rural beauty of Bac Ha is a beautiful mix of various ethnic (Read More)groups that call Vietnam home. It is the capital of the Flower Hmong region and is most famous for this display of ethnic and daily household wares.

2. Fairy Cave

Fairy Cave
The pristine beauty of the Fairy Cave is a nature lover's paradise. The cool blue waters of the Chay river surrounded by cavernous rocks seem to be a scene right from picture books. One needs to row u (Read More)pstream the river before reaching the virgin beauty of this destination.

3. Hoang Tuong

Hoang Tuong
Hoang Tuong is a destination with a rich and illustrious history attached to itself. The owner of this palace was a Tay person by the name of Hoang Yen Chao. Reflecting the essence of French and Chine (Read More)se architecture, this palace is a magnificent tourist spot.

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Important Information

  • Please remember that Bac Ha is a small village so facilities may not be as well-structured as you would expect from a tourist favourite.
  • It is a tribal village and you are thus expected to dress modestly with respect to the villagers.
  • There are no Cash Machines or ATMs in the village hence, please carry extra cash with you to avoid hassles.
  • The accommodations in the village are basic and quite humble, prepare yourself accordingly.

Shopping in Bac Ha

Bac Ha is most famous for its colourful clothing and textiles, saddles for horses, bags, cushions, figurines, handcrafts and Tam Hoa plums. The tribals also sell some of the most authentic merchandise and these can be taken back home as souvenirs. Don't forget to try out the delectable local cuisine, which is available abundantly during the trade hours. Shopping is comparatively cheap here, and you will find quality merchandise in about VND 100000.

Best Time to Visit Bac Ha

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Bac Ha, Vietnam
Crowded Street, Bac Ha Sunday Market
Cloth Stalls at Bac Ha Sunday Market
The Entrance of Hoang A Tuong Royal palace

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FAQs on Bac Ha

What is the best time to visit Bac ha?

Bac Ha weather is characteristic of Northern Vietnam with alternating spells of wet and dry season. Best time to visit would be during the winter December to April) as the temperature during this ranges between 19-25 degree Celsius and both trekking and shopping can be pursued during this time with convenience and ease.

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What is the local food in Bac ha?

Bac Ha has a wide array of delicious Vietnamese food, starting from its famous Pho or rice noodles and fried rice dishes, with meat, tofu, bamboo, vegetables. You could also try fried spring rolls, noodle soup and pumpkin soup in a few local eateries here. You can try the local food at Thanh Son, Nha San Samu and Ngan Nga restaurant. Typically, the food costs about VND 100000- 200000.

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What is the best way to reach Bac ha?

What are the places near Bac ha?

The top places near to Bac ha are Sapa which is 53 km from Bac ha, Hanoi which is located 225 km from Bac ha, Halong bay which is located 343 km from Bac ha, Sa dec which is located 47 km from Bac ha, Lao cai which is located 25 km from Bac ha

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