What is the best time to visit Subramanya?

The ideal time to visit Kukke Subramanya remains during the winters during September - March as other than the calm and peaceful climatic conditions; the months have religious significance as well. For some, monsoons can be an excellent time to visit as well. But summers should be avoided at any cost. However, the enthralling nature's beauty and the trekking possibilities through the untouched lush forests and hills - all of this makes Kukke Subramanya an ideal place to travel if you are not entirely inclined towards religion!

Weather in Subramanya


Upcoming Subramanya Weather

Monthly Weather in Subramanya

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 35°/ 20° 0 days
February 37°/ 20° 0 days
March 38°/ 22° 7 days
April 37°/ 23° 18 days
May 36°/ 23° 24 days
June 30°/ 23° 29 days
July 26°/ 22° 31 days
August 26°/ 22° 31 days
September 28°/ 22° 30 days
October 31°/ 22° 31 days
November 34°/ 22° 17 days
December 34°/ 21° 7 days

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Kukke Subramanya in Winter (October - March)

Kukke Subramanya gets mildly cold during winters, and it is considered as an ideal time to visit the place. December is the coldest, and many vacationers plan to go there in this month to enjoy the pleasant ambience of the region. You will be mesmerised by the majestic views of the city cuddled by the cool breeze. The month of January enjoys comparatively clearer skies with ample amount of sunshine to encourage the vacationers to indulge in outdoor activities. Since the temperature remains comfortable, carrying light warm clothes is recommended. February is all about sunny days and cold nights, accompanied by a gently blowing wind. This weather attracts many travellers, and it is favourable for exploring the different sightseeing spots and renowned historical sites in Kukke Subramanya. Winter is undoubtedly the best time if you are planning to visit Kukke Subramanya. You also get to witness the Thaipooyam Festival, which takes places in January and February. It is also time for many festivities and processions in the town.
Kukke Subramanya
Kukke Subramanya

Kukke Subramanya in Monsoon (June - September)

The rainy season arrives at Kukke Subramanya in June. The light showers miraculously decrease the temperature; if you love rain, visiting Kukke Subramanya in monsoons will introduce you to the sublime beauty of the region. However, do not forget to pack your rain gears while planning your visit! The medium rainfalls continue into July. Travellers can get drenched in the rain, and click amazing photographs with their friends and family in this mesmerising setting. The month of August gets continuous rainfall, and since Kukke Subramanya is blessed with rushing rivers, mighty mountains and lush forests, the beauty of this place increases manifold during the month. The outdoor activities may be hindered due to frequent downpours. That encourages travellers to engage in some indoor activities. September is dominated by full-fledged monsoon showers that increase the beauty of this city. Even though outdoor activities are restricted, rain lovers can make the most out of their stay by carrying the proper rain gears and clothing.
Lush Green Landscape during Monsoons
Lush Green Landscape during Monsoons

October and November

The weather starts to get moderately hot and humid towards the beginning of October. The constant sunshine causes the rise in temperature. This is also the peak tourist season in Kukke Subramanya as a large number of tourists arrive at the city. The skies remain clear in November as well. On top of that, the pleasant climatic conditions make these two months very favourable for engaging in outdoor activities. Summing things up, Kukke Subramanya experiences high temperatures from March and winters remain throughout December until February, with a gentle and cold climate. Monsoons arrive in June, providing medium rainfalls, and ends by the beginning of September. The Thaipooyam competition is held in the Subramanya temple during January and February. Several festivities and processions exemplify it. Therefore, visiting Kukke Subramanya between September and March is the best!

Kukke Subramanya in Summer (March - May)

Kukke Subramanya tends to get a bit hot during summers, especially in the daytime. The evenings are comparatively cooler, and the visitors can benefit from the calm weather to explore the nearby places. The month of March marks the advent of summer in Kukke Subramanya. The warm wind welcomes the tourists into the city. At the same time, the cool breeze in the evening enhances the vacationer’s experience in this comfortable weather. Soak your soul in the unveiling grandeur of the natural surroundings and let the verdant forests dominate your senses with its vibrant presence. Stepping into April, the hottest in the year, we see the least number of tourists in Kukke Subramanya. Travellers avoid going there this month because of the hot temperature during the day. Even if you decide to visit, it is mandatory to carry enough sunscreen and light cotton clothing to ease your stay. It is only in April, during the summer season, when the visitors are relieved from the heat, thanks to the intermittent showers. Furthermore, the festive celebrations during this month bestow a jovial hue upon the city.
Enroute Kukke Subramanya
Enroute Kukke Subramanya

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Subramanya, Karnataka
Kukke Subramanya Swamy Temple Decorated with Lights
Elephant Parade During Rathotsava, Kukke Subramanya Temple
Kukke Subramanya Temple

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