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Tonsai or Ton Sai Beach is a hidden gem located between Ao Nang and Railey Beach. A hub of adventure and activities, it is often acclaimed because of its laid-back hippie vibe, inexpensive accommodation facilities, and the vibrancy in its secludedness. You can enjoy activities like rock climbing, kayaking, and snorkeling in the morning and relax at the bars around the beach at night.

Usually, Southern Thailand is known to be more expensive than the North, but Tonsai is an exception to this.  The gentle ocean breeze, Reggae music, and haze of herbal smoke in the atmosphere set this destination apart from the others. It is a refreshing getaway for tourists who visit the nearby areas in Krabi. 

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Things to do at Tonsai Beach

1. Rock Climbing

Tonsai Beach Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is probably the best-known place for rock climbing in Thailand. Not just advanced level but you can also try your hands at the beginner level rock climbing. You can either rent gear for yourself or go with a group. Base Camp and The Rock Shop are two places from where you can take up a one day tour. You can also opt for a Deep Water Solo where the climber climbs a problematic route and has water at the base to protect them if they fall off.

2. Kayaking

Kayaking is the best way to experience the beach and its surroundings. A kayak can be rented only for THB 500 for an entire day. It is best to leave early morning and pack the requirements like sunscreen, towels, and some food before going for kayaking. Also, remember to check the weather before kayaking to avoid strong waves.

3. Slacklining

You will most likely be able to find a slackline outside a bar or cafe. It is an activity where you will have to balance yourself on a rope which is loosely fixed above a certain height from the ground. It is perfect for someone who wants to learn it for the first time. Rock climbers are found slacklining at their downtime. Lines are set up over water or higher from the ground, and you can select either of them according to your skill. First-timers usually learn it from the local people and enjoy to try it.

4. Diving or Snorkelling
Tonsai Beach

You will find diving centres at Tonsai Beach, which will provide you with the necessary equipment. If you are not much into diving, you can go for snorkelling, and the beach water ought to give you a memorable time.

5. Go for a Fire Show

Fire Show is a must to watch scene if you are visiting Tonsai Beach. The place has several talented fire twirlers, and you will be awed by the fire show. Reserve a part of your time in the evening to watch out one such show. You will be able to spot fire shows outside most of the bars which are ready to provide entertainment to the tourists.

Food at Tonsai Beach

The food at Tonsai Beach is known to be super-cheap despite not having a wide range of culinary delights. You can have Barbecue Chicken at THB 60, Pad Thai for THB 80, Mango Sticky Rice for THB 60, Banana Loaf for THB 70, Veggie Burger for THB 80, a good meal between THB 300 to THB 400. If you are at Tonsai Beach between November to April, then you can also relish fresh fruit juices or shakes starting at only THB 50.

Mango Sticky Rice
You can easily find several good dining places and bars in Central Tonsai area. Anna’s, Breakers Bar & Grill, CapuLatte, Cosmic, Matt’s Joint, Pirate’s House, and Pum are some of the bars and restaurants where you find a variety of authentic Thai and western dishes along with a good bar menu. You ought to find happy hours in one or the other bars in the area.

Best Time to Visit

The period between January and March will get you clear blue skies with calm seas and moderate temperatures. Hence, this is the perfect time to visit Tonsai Beach to enjoy all the outdoor activities. However, the high season starts from November and lasts until April, so if you visit Tonsai during these months, you are likely to encounter a considerable crowd and high accommodation prices.


  • There are no ATMs at Tonsai hence, withdraw ample cash either in Ao Nang or before that.
  • There are mosquitos everywhere in Tonsai. Therefore, it is advisable to carry mosquito repellant creams or ointments.
  • Rock climbing can give you injuries, and an open wound is susceptible to infections. Remember to carry antiseptic creams or ointments for it.
  • Swimming can be great at Tonsai Beach but remember to check the weather beforehand as there are chances of strong currents in the water.

How To Reach Tonsai Beach

Take a Flight to Krabi

The first thing to remember before visiting Tonsai Beach is that there is no land access to this place. You will have to follow the transfer routes from a bus or taxi and then get on a longtail boat.

After reaching Krabi International Airport, you can:

1. Take a Bus

Get on a bus which will cost THB 150 and take approximately an hour to get to Ao Nang Pier.

2. Book a Taxi

Take a taxi from the airport to Ao Nang Pier, which will cost around THB 600 and take approximately 45 minutes. However, if you are coming from Krabi Bus Station, you can either take a tuk-tuk or a taxi which will cost THB 60.

3. Take the Longtail Boat

After reaching Ao Nang Pier, you will have to hire a longtail boat which usually carries eight to twelve people. This will cost you THB 100 and take 10 minutes to reach to Tonsai. Know that the boat prices rise after 06:00 pm and you might have to charter your boat at THB 600 to THB 800.

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