What is the best time to visit Koh Lipe?

The best time to visit Koh Lipe is from November to March as the weather is perfect on this beautiful island on the Andaman sea. The peak season for tourists lasts from mid-December to April when the precipitation is low. The average temperature seen in Koh-Lipe island remains the same throughout the year, which is around 30 degrees Celsius. The months of December to April is considered the Dry season in Koh-Lipe.

The sea is fantastic at this point because it is crystal clear. So, it is the best time for snorkelling or scuba diving to check out the spectacular corals as well as the marine life present near the island. The peak season is also a great time to try out the different bars and restaurants along with the nightlife that is present in Koh-Lipe.

From the end of April to mid-December, the season gets wet due to rain and storm. March and April tend to be the hottest months. October, March and April are generally regarded as the shoulder season for visiting Koh-Lipe as it has good weather along with the average number of tourists. People who want to visit Koh-Lipe during its off-season can do so between April to September. They will surely have to put up with the rains.

The downside of visiting Koh-Lipe during the wet season is that tourists may find several establishments closed at this time. Also, you may miss out on snorkelling, and speed boat rides due to the constant rains. You may be bound to the pool of your resort if you want to visit Koh-Lipe during the wet season.

Weather in Koh Lipe


Upcoming Koh Lipe Weather

Monthly Weather in Koh Lipe

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 30°/ 26° 3 days
February 31°/ 26° 3 days
March 31°/ 27° 9 days
April 31°/ 27° 21 days
May 31°/ 28° 22 days
June 31°/ 28° 18 days
July 31°/ 28° 9 days
August 30°/ 28° 21 days
September 30°/ 27° 17 days
October 30°/ 26° 30 days
November 30°/ 27° 25 days
December 30°/ 26° 7 days

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