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Koh Lipe has a garbage problem since many years as the tourism has increased. You can volunteer at his non-profit organization to help them clean the trash from this beautiful island.

In December 2013, a Thai-Swiss organization Trash Hero, has started organizing clean-ups in not only Koh Lipe, but everywhere in Koh Tarutao Marine National Park. Their main aim is to protect the island's beaches using only materials and people-power to hand.

They organize regular volunteer cleanups on every Monday. Local businesses have supported them thoroughly by supplying long-tailed boats, food, drinks and garbage bags. Over the years, around 1,000 volunteers have been able to remove 21,000kg of rubbish from the local beaches.

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Trash Hero Initiatives

  • Designed for sustainable community-based projects that help in eradicating existing waste and further learning about procedures to lessen future waste, the Trash Hero Initiatives aims to inspire a long-term behavioural change.
  • This program seeks to pick up trash everywhere, be it a water bottle, plastic wrapper, a piece of paper, cigarette buds or even any street waste.
  • Thus, people can witness how their actions have real-time consequences to the global environment instead of being negligent about garbage.
  • As education is the key to everything; this knowledge base, along with hands-on experience, the program educates people about how a tiny piece of waste can affect global health.
  • Long-term community projects are one way the initiative comes together to help remove and reduce future waste.
  • By motivating and inspiring communities and individuals to become Trash Heroes in their daily lives, a beautiful and healthy environment is soon to prosper.

Contribute to Trash Hero

  • Everybody on this planet can become a Trash Hero. It is as easy as drinking water.
  • All a Trash Hero does is reuse items often, reduce the amount of waste, while working towards bettering the area they are living in at the same time.
  • Besides, visitors can also contribute to the Trash Hero program by volunteering, donating, and spreading awareness through word-of-mouth.

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