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Q. How to reach fort kochi from airport and where to find rental vehicles in fort kochi? And from where to catch bus to Munnar?

Sajith Babu

2 years ago
There is prepaid taxi counter in Airport or Volvo bus service (Government Operated) is available from Airport to Fort Kochi though service not frequent. There are plenty of home stays available in Fo (Read More)rt Kochi and you can check availability of rental vehicles with them. Volvo bus service is available from Fort Kochi and bus stands in Ernakulam to Munnar. Ernakulam KSRTC bus stand and Vyttila Hub. Or please take a bus to Kothamamglam from above mentioned bus stand and from there frequent buses available to Munnar.

Q. What are some hangout places in Kochi?

Kaveesh Nair

3 years ago
You might want to go to tandav which is sort of a bar cum nightclub. Or relax at the Subhash Bose Park or eat some really good chicken and chill with friends at Chick King. There are a lot of places (Read More)you could go to in the city depending on your needs.

Q. I want a planing form Hyderabad to kerala


3 years ago
Please fill out the form in the following link, and our travel partners will be able to devise the perfect package that meets your travel requirements: https://www.holidify.com/custom-package/

Q. I am booking a hotel in Kochi


3 years ago
Please refer to the Hotel Tab above for information on the different types of hotels available in Kochi.

Q. Can one get bike on rent for commuting within the city??


3 years ago
Yes, it is possible to find a bike rental service in Kochi.

Q. Which is the best place to stay in kochi ?


3 years ago
Kochi has many accommodation options for travellers with various budgets. Please refer to the Hotels Tab above to view the different types of hotels and homestays in Kochi.
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Jessy James

1 year ago
Kochi being the commercial hub of Kerala is one of the best cities in India. It has an it park, a ship building yard, a seaport, a marina, a transshipment terminal and many other industries.

Rutvi Saxena

3 years ago
Something a lot of people don?t appreciate about the coastal city-it?s Churches! The Jewish synagogue, the Santa Cruz basilica and dozens of other churches offer some beautiful paintings and frescoes (Read More) to admire-visiting during Christmas season is quite the experience.The boating and Fort Kochi need no introduction. The language barrier can be quite a struggle, but still manageable in Kochi as it?s one of the more commercialized cities of South India ( Naval Command, Fort Kochi, NLU Kochi, etc).The beaches within the city and it?s access to nearby backwaters such as Alleppey and Munnar make this city a must for the sea-lover.

Ken Chiramel

on Fort Kochi 2 years ago
Nestled on the seaside, Fort Kochi is a relic of bygone times and stands with its well-preserved colonial architecture lining its narrow cobbled streets. Chinese fishing nets dot the coastline with f (Read More)ish vendors selling their fresh catches opposite ubiquitous carts hawking souvenirs and knick-knacks for tourists to take something home. Photographers throng at sunset time to capture the quietly majestic scene. Cafes and boutiques are spread out through the area and it is a past-time of many to go hopping from one cafe to another and walking along Fort Kochi?s streets. The Kochi Muziris Biennale is a two month period during which art installations from all over the world are showcased in the many art galleries throughout the area, and is a celebration of Fort Kochi?s rich diversity. Jew Town, one of the first Jewish settlements in India and the Jewish synagogue within it, is also a major tourist attraction. One can also choose to stay in the beautiful colonial-era buildings that served as lodging for British Raj bureaucrats, as many of them have been repurposed into hotels.

Lakshmi Murali

on Thirikkakara Vamanamoorthy Temple 2 years ago
Thirikkakara Vamanamoorthy Temple is a perfect setting for a serene evening. One should ideally visit this temple early in the morning or at dusk. The sculptings on the inner wall of the sanctum are (Read More)simple and beautiful. The temple is a frequent spot for the local citizens of the area.

Lakshmi Murali

on Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2 years ago
A feast to the eyes - the Kochi-Muziris Biennale is one such event that never disappoints! It is situated around the areas of Fort Kochi - Mattancherry, where various heritage sites and buildings sho (Read More)wcase the exhibition. One can gain access to these areas by both road and water-ways (Ernakulam boat jetty). The Aspinwall & David Hall are the top-rated picks of Biennale. So, tighten your seat belts all art lovers, to explore this paradise of contemporary art! Also,carry plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and fit throughout your sight-seeing.

Arka Das

on Chinese Fishing Nets 3 years ago
Just find a net and stay with them. The way they catch fuses using these nets are really things to see. The fishing nets are still present for last 8 generations. At Fort Kochi out of 12, only 4 are (Read More) operational as on July 2016. And to reach Fort Kochi, best way to take a boat from Ernakulam Boat Jetty, costs only INR 4/-

Anup VC

on Kalady 3 years ago
Good place to visit

Nehad Zein

on Fort Kochi 3 years ago
Fort Kochi is the one of the coziest places in India. Its contemporary architecture and low skyline is a signature in itself. There are numerous highly comfortable inns and many more personalised caf (Read More)es which give really great food at attractive prices. The St.Basilica Cathedral is one of the three basilicas in the country and a very glorious one at that. Fort Kochi is very walkable with its concrete paved streets and small alleyways. A must explore area if you're visiting Kochi.

Nehad Zein

on Jewish Synagogue 3 years ago
The Jewish Synagogue located in Mattancherry costs just Rs.5 per head for a five minute session that explains the architecture and history of the synagogue apart from the tour. Photography is charged (Read More) additional. The pulpit in the middle of the hall signifies the rich heritage of a not so long ago established prayer centre. The building's interior has been done using imported and hand-crafted material most if which are extinct today. The best part is that the synagogue is still run by Jews and not the government authorities. This has helped to a great extent in maintaining the authenticity of the synagogue.

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