Nightlife in Kochi - Lounges & Restobars To Enjoy Kochi's Nightlife!

Nightlife in Kerala is a little offbeat, in a not so settling manner. The recent government regulations have taken the already nascent nightlife here two steps backwards.  If you're visiting Kerala and you happen to search the world wide web for "Nightlife in Kochi", names like Velocity, Glow, Longevity, Nasha are bound to crop up. Unfortunately, these places have all shut down courtesy the government's regulations. Though most places are allowed to serve beer and wine, only hotels with 3-stars and above are permitted to serve hard liquor. If you are looking to shake a leg after drinking, we hate to break it you, but Kochi has no discotheques as the government has banned dance floors too (unless it is a private party and special adjustments are made).  Moreover, nightlife in Kochi does not go beyond 11:00 PM, so dreams of tippling and dancing till wee hours of the morning is almost utopian.  That said, Kochi knows to make the most of the situation and have quite a few happening lounges and restrobars that illustrate exciting times for their customers with a combination of exotic drinks, palatable food, and groovy music.

Below are 8 places you can get the party started and have an assured fun time:

1. Mezzo, Avenue Regent

Mezzo, Avenue Regent, Nightlife in Kochi

Situated in the heart of Ernakulam, Mezzo is one of the most popular restrobars in town. It's chic, casual and almost always packed. An extensive international selection of liquor and wine along with an exclusive cocktail list makes it Plan A when your agenda for the day is to lounge over a drink. The food is par excellence and all the teetotallers in your gang are bound to enjoy the food if not the alcohol you are sipping. A delectable range of European and Oriental fusion alongside, local seafood delicacies, tapas touchings, and steaks are the perfect companion to your tipple. If you do visit Mezzo, pop by the cafe next door called Coco tree famous for its mouth-watering desserts.

Timing - 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Cost for 2 - INR 1500
Address - The Avenue Regent, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Pallimukku, Kochi

2. Sky Grill Lounge Bar & Restaurant, Crowne Plaza

Sky Grill Lounge Bar & Restaurant, Crowne Plaza,Nightlife in Kochi

Sky Grill is a rooftop bar and offers panoramic views of the glistening backwaters with the Kochin Oil Refinery standing tall on the horizon. This may not be your ideal choice for dinner as their menu is skewed towards finger food that goes well with alcoholic beverages. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, so you can choose your pick based on your affinity for mosquito bites. That apart, there's no place better in Kochi savour the experience of dining under the stars in a sophisticated elevation.  

Timing - 06:30 PM  - 12:30 AM
Cost for 2 - INR1600. Before you head here, check if there is DJ playing as this will incur INR 2000 entry charges.
Address - 641A, Kundanoor Junction NH47 bypass Maradu, Ernakulam

3. Armoury Restrobar, Brunton Inn Boatyard

Armoury Restrobar,Nightlife in Kochi

Situated on the banks of the Boatyard, Armoury restrobar is a part of a colonial Inn situated in Fort Kochi. The name Armoury was derived from the guns and weaponry used to adorn the walls of the retro bar. A mix of Dutch and Portuguese architecture, this restaurant flaunts timber wood ceilings and white walls with vintage furniture giving a rustic aura to space. Do take note that this restrobar serves only beer and wine. The food here makes up for the limited choice for alcoholic beverages. If you're a seafood fanatic, you're in for a treat as the chef here is known for his authentic Kerala seafood preparations which will have you craving for more. Pair that up with appam, and you are sure to have a memorable meal. If you're lucky, there may be live performances which will liven up your night all the more.  

Timing - 19:30 - 23:30
Cost for 2 - INR 2100
Address - Brunton Boatyard, 1/498, Calvathy Road, Fort Kochi, Kochi

4. Seagull, Fort Cochin

Seagull, Fort Cochin, Nightlife in Kochi
Seagull is another popular hangout in Fort Kochi where you see both foreigners and localities wining and dining by the sea with the famous beef olathiyadu and economically priced alcohol. Once again, Seagull serves only beer and wine. They have an indoor section as well as an outdoor section which overlooks the port and offers splendid views of ships and ferries shuttling by. There is one table on an elevated pier and that's touted to be the best seat in the house. If you are not a fan of the sickly sweet ocean sea smell, you may want to consider other options as Seagull being located bang on the Arabian sea has occasional wafts of this stench.

Timing - 10:00 AM - 11:30 PM
Cost for 2 - INR 800
Address - Hotel Seagull, Calvathy Road, Fort Kochi, Kochi

5. Swirl, Taj Gateway

Swirl, Taj Gateway, Nightlife in Kochi
Swirl is a swanky lounge with music that will tempt you to get up and tap your feet, but for the lack of a dance floor, you may resort to chugging another drink. Especially since they offer a fine selection of contemporary and extravagant drinks like Whiskeys, Jamaican Rums, Martinis, Wines, Beers, and Cocktails. Apart from the classics, they also have their own signature line of drinks and a fine selection of liquors including aged malts and cognacs. The interiors scream elegance with plush furniture in tawny and pecan shades, soft lighting and tasteful modern art. The centrepiece made of windchimes which rustles everytime a breeze blows by is the show stealer. Class personified, this is where you need to head for a fine dine accompanied by fine drinks.

Timing - 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Cost for 2 - INR 2000
Address - The Gateway Hotel, Ernakulam, Marine Drive, Kochi

6. Mattancherry Bar, Vivanta by Taj - Malabar

Mattancherry Bar, Vivanta by Taj - Malabar, Nightlife in Kochi

Yet again another gem in Fort Kochi, this lodge-themed bar sits at a vantage point with a breath-taking view of the Cochin Harbour. Cocooned in an old world charm, this place is quite the delight for a sundowner drink as the pinkish-orange sun casting a hue over the water is sheer beauty. This eclectic ambience teamed with their selection of alcoholic beverages and finger food assures a swell time. There's always live music, mostly a pianist playing a few old melodies, Bollywood numbers as well as old Malayalam music adding to the aura of the setting.Unlike other pubs/restrobars in Kerala, Mattancherry Bar is strict about the age limit for alcohol consumption and allows only those above 21 with valid identification proof. 

Timing - 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Cost for 2 - INR 2000
Address - Vivanta by Taj - Malabar, Willingdon Island, Kochi

7. Ava Lounge, Radisson Blue 
Ava Lounge, Radisson Blue, Nightlife in Kochi

A vibrant and electric lounge with talented bartenders is as close as it gets to a clubbing atmosphere in Kochi. Though there is no official dance floor, the underground dub music works up the vibe and has people grooving in no time. They have live musicians drumming even better music on Saturdays and Sundays making it all the more popular. Though you may not see much of a young crowd here, they have a decent selection of alcohol and is priced on par with other pubs around. They run Happy Hours from 11:00 AM  - 04:00 PM and needless to say this period happens to be their prime time.  

Timing - 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Cost for 2 - INR 2500
Address - Radisson Blu Kochi, Sahodaran Ayyappan Road, Elamkulam Junction, Elamkulam, Kochi

8. Longitude 76, Le Méridien Kochi

Longitude 76, Le Méridien Kochi, Nightlife in Kochi

A posh setting with blue carpets and plush sofas, Longitude 76 lives up to the Le Meridien standards with copious alcohol varieties and a menu that handcrafts dish as per your liking. Their Happy Hours pan from 16:00 - 21:00 alongside occasional promotional offers on Sangrias, Beers etc. They also have a pool facing Longitude extension which is highly recommended during the evening hours. Longitude 76 has a certain opulence to it which makes it a favourable choice to dine and wine with your peers and family. 

Timing - 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Cost for 2 - INR 2000
Address - Le Méridien Kochi, Marad, Kochi

March 2018 will see the opening of a Luxury Poolside Bar and a rooftop bar named Colony Clubhouse & Grill in Grand Hyatt, Kochi Bolgatty. 

Dress Code Tip: Smart Casuals are a norm in all the above Nightlife Places.

Though Kochi may not be your ideal nightlife dream spot, suit up or put on some shimmer, grab your crew and head out to experience nightlife, the Kochi way. You will take a liking to it much to your surprise and perhaps go back for more!

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