Surreal Beaches in Kochi for a Perfect Vacation

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Beaches in Kochi

The gorgeous beaches in Kochi need no real introduction. Endearingly known as the "Queen of Arabian Sea", the tiny town caters to both domestic and international tourists owing to its world-class bea (Read More)ches, tea estates, spices plantations and backwaters. The coastline gives rise to some of the finest harbours and in numerous beautiful beaches in Kochi. Kochi is a perfect blend of history and modernity. So, if you are in Kochi, make sure you visit the immaculate beaches, try its spicy cuisine and just soak in the Kochi vibe.

Here is the list of 11 Surreal Beaches in Kochi for a Perfect Vacation

1. Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach
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Located on the north end of Vypeen Island, Cherai Beach offers a beautiful sunset point. This is also one of the popular beaches in Kochi and is known for its golden sand, palm trees, and wide expanse of blue water.

2. Puthuvype Beach - Stunning lighthouse!

Puthuvype Beach - Stunning lighthouse!

Puthuvype is a 3 kms long beach situated in Puthuvype near the lighthouse in Kochi, Kerala. One among the least explored beaches in Kochi, the highlight of the beach is also a lighthouse. Still unexploited by tourists, the beach is crowded by the fisherfolks at work. You can visit on a weekend for a perfect break from the city in peace and solitude.

3. Marari Beach

Marari Beach

One of the great delights of the Malabar Coast, the Marari Beach in Kochi is an idyllic destination for a serene beach vacation. Clear turquoise waters that meet the shimmering golden sands with the coconut palm trees in the background make it about as picturesque as anyone could imagine the appearance of the shore. About 11 km from the city of Alleppey, this beach is a hotspot for fishing activity, deriving its name from the local fishing village Mararikulam, and it has a peaceful and laid back ambience perfect for those looking to relax and unwind by the calming waters.

4. Kuzhuppilly Beach - A Hidden Gem

Kuzhuppilly Beach - A Hidden Gem

At a distance of 3.5 km from Cherai Beach in Kochi, Kuzhuppilly Beach is remotely located and really well hidden even from the locals. Lined with huge rocks all along the shore, the place makes for a perfect romantic spot or even if you want to spend some time away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The drive to the beach is equally beautiful with two lakes flanked on the side of the narrow road.

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5. Fort Kochi Beach

Fort Kochi Beach

Situated along Fort Kochi in Kochi, Kerala, Fort Kochi Beach is a tranquil beach adjoining the Arabian Sea. Lined with a beautiful sidewalk, this is one of the beaches in Kochi which also has a fort to boast of which is also a major tourist attraction of the spot. People usually visit it for routinely morning and evening walks or just to spend some quality time in solitude.

6. Puthenthode Beach

Puthenthode Beach

Located at a distance of 12 kms from Kochi in Chellanam, Puthenthode Beach in Kochi is a relatively newly made beach. Slightly smaller in area than the other beaches with only half a km in length, it is popular for its peaceful vibe and calm environment.

7. Veeranpuzha Beach

 Veeranpuzha Beach

Veeranpuzha Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kochi. With beautiful blue waters and golden sandy shores, the beach is lined with green vegetation. The proximity of fishing villages from the beach ensures the activity of fisherfolks at work all day long at the shores. You can visit Veeranpuzha to watch the fishermen at work, or to have a glimpse of the laid back rural vibe.

8. Andhakaranazhi Beach, Kochi

Andhakaranazhi Beach, Kochi

Located at a distance of 30 kms from Kochi, Andhakaranazhi Beach is an extension of the tiny village of Andhakaranazhi. The virgin beach is still noncommercialized and unexploited from tourism and a well-kept secret of the city. Also its distance from the city makes it a perfect serene spot from the pell-mell of the city. You can find fishermen at work and their huge nets strewn all over the shores. Visit this to experience nature in its raw form with immaculate sands, clean waters and beautiful coastline.

9. Munambam Beach

Munambam Beach

Also known as Muziris Beach, Munambam Beach is situated 4 kms north of Cherai Beach in Kochi. Covered in Chinese fishing nets of the village fisherfolks, this is one of the beaches in Kochi which boasts of calm sands merging into the indigo waters of the Arabian Sea. The beach also has an adjacent playground for the kids.

10. Marine Drive Beach

Marine Drive Beach
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Overlooking the serene backwaters of Kerala is Marine Drive, one of the most popular hangout spots in the city of Kochi. It is a picturesque promenade with a walkway of about three kilometres and is a fantastic place to spend some time leisurely, either in the company of loved ones or even some alone time. The walkway of Marine Drive is filled with people during the evening who visit the place to have the view of the sun setting over the calm sea. Unsurprisingly, this is quite a popular destination for morning and evening walks as well.

11. Willingdon Island Beach

Willingdon Island Beach
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The Willingdon Island is one of the largest human-made islands in India and is named after Lord Willingdon, the British Viceroy of India. This beautiful island provides various links between Kochi port and other national and international ports. Furthermore, the island is home to some of the lavish hotels and commercial and industrial buildings of the district. It is between Ernakulum Jetty and Kochi Port and the ferry costs around INR 6. There is a bridge that connects the mainland of Kochi to Wellingdon Island. This human-made island also serves as the headquarter for the southern naval command of India.

The beaches in Kochi are stimulating to the senses in terms of their cuisine, warm waters and stunning views.

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