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Crab Market, Kep Overview

The Crab Market is a fresh seafood market located in the provincial town of Kep in Cambodia. Kep is known for its crabs and the various local delicacies savoured by international tourists traveling in the city. The Crab market is a bustling place for the visitors to see how these crabs are procured, sold and cooked. In this busy wet market, locals also sell other seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits and even snacks. You can also buy crabs, get them cooked instantly and dine in of the many Crab shacks located next to the market.

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The Crab Market History & Significance

The Crab industry in Kep is quite popular across Cambodia. Thousands of crabs are procured from the sea and shipped within and outside to countries in the US and Europe. The Crab Market has been the centre of these businesses for centuries. It is a small market which gets extremely busy in the early hours of the morning.

Just after sunrise every day, fishers arrive at the market with their catch from the night, which are mostly crabs stored in large wooden cages. They set up stalls and start selling them, pricing according to the weight and size. Buyers negotiate the prices with these vendors, which are decided per kilo of crabs. Many shopkeepers pull out the cages from the sea only after making a deal about the costs. The prices of the crabs vary based on many things. The approximate price per kilo ranges from 10 to 30 USD, with probable add-ons like dips, sauces and cooking charges.

You can also get the crabs purchased to be cooked by the locals. You need to choose from the menu and negotiate the price details while buying. There is a simple setting comprising of wooden benches and tables outside the market where you can enjoy your local crab meal along with some drinks.

Also, there are more than 30 restaurants or Crab shacks next to the market and along the beach side nearby, serving crab delicacies. You can dine in any of these to taste crabs or other seafood. These restaurants become full at night usually, when people arrive to enjoy drinks with dining. But the prices are high compared to buying the crabs from the market and getting them cooked and having them in the local shops.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is early in the morning after the sunrise when the market opens.

How To Reach Crab Market

The Crab Market is just a few minutes away from Kep downtown and can be easily reached by walk in about 20 minutes. You can get to the market by a Tuk-Tuk or motorbike, both costing about 4 USD per trip.

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