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Also Refered As:

Kaôh Rōng

"Sun, Sand, and Beaches"

Koh Rong Tourism

Koh Rong is an island located in Sangkat Koh Rong commune of the Mittakpheap district in Sihanoukville Province. It is the second-largest island of Cambodia off the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It is known for its 43km coastline consisting of white sand beaches. These beaches are home to Cambodia's best luxury resorts, attracting tourists that come here for a relaxing beach vacation.

Koh Rong has four village communities - Koh Tuich, Doeum D'kei, Prek Svay and Sok San. Koh Tuich Village is the centre of the island and is home to the best resorts, guesthouses and beachside villas. It also some great bars, cafes and pubs, offering happening nightlife. Travelers can relax on the beaches, or go scuba diving, kayaking, swimming or hike among the trails leading to the forests. You can also rent boats or take boat tours that offer island hopping, which is quite popular among travelers.

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2-Day Itinerary and Things to Do

Day 1: Plan a trip to the beach for scuba diving and other water activities. Head to Coconut, Long set and Lazy beaches for a relaxing day. Day 2: Hike to the Lighthouse for beautiful views from the top. Spend the evening, enjoy the sunset along the beaches. Take a bioluminescence plankton tour at night to watch the spectacle of nature.


Water Buffaloes have been a threat to the locals as well as the tourists. They are known for randomly attacking people when encountered. So watch out, stay still and don't try to attack or signal if you meet these Buffaloes. Koh Rong is also infamous for thefts that are a common occurrence. It is recommended that you safeguard the valuables carefully in your hotels. Also, avoid carrying luxurious items and a large amount of cash while exploring the town. The beaches are notorious for sandflies. Take care to avoid them. Also, mosquitoes are rampant in the town. So carry mosquito repellants with you all the time. There are no ATMs on the island. It is better to carry sufficient cash with you. The island has limited electricity only between 6 PM to 11 PM every day. It changes some days, and power remains until the morning, but only during the low season. Although there are enough accommodation options, most fill up during the peak season, especially along the famous beaches — Book in advance for the best prices and good location.

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Koh Rong

FAQs on Koh Rong

What is famous about Koh rong?

Koh Rong has the best facilities for the travellers to enjoy what nature offer - the beaches, dense tropical jungles and views.

What is not so good about Koh rong?

Some beaches have turned into private properties, reducing the access to tourists and the need to pay to visit these beaches.

Who should visit Koh rong?

Koh Rong is ideal for anyone looking for beach holidays. Whether you are travelling with friends, families or kids, there is something to do for everyone in this lovely island.

What is the best time to visit Koh rong?

The best time to visit Koh is between October and January. The weather is not hot, and the humidity is less during these months. It is an excellent period to enjoy the beaches surfing, kayaking and diving. Also, the currents are suitable for boat trips. From late February, summer sets in slowly with March to May being the hottest months. Monsoon begins in late July and lasts until September, with the island receiving heavy downpours during these months.
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What are the things to do in Koh rong?

The top things to do in Koh rong are The Lazy Beach, Koh Rong Samloem, Coconut Beach, Bioluminescent Plankton, Southwestern Beach, Long Set Beach. You can see all the places to visit in Koh rong here

What are the places near Koh rong?

The top places near to Koh rong are Phnom penh which is 192 km from Koh rong, Kep which is located 134 km from Koh rong, Siem reap which is located 272 km from Koh rong, Koh kong which is located 58 km from Koh rong, Koh ker which is located 58 km from Koh rong

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