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Q. It is advisable to go kedarnath with 3 year old child, what will be climate over there?


2 years ago
If you are travelling to travel to Kedarnath during Sept-Oct you can conveniently take the toddler along with you. However, it isn't advisable to take the child there during the winter months starting from November as the weather gets way too cold.

Q. How much money is needed for going to Kedarnath?


2 years ago
Kedarnath Packages start from INR 20,000. You can get your own customised Packages from the following link -

Q. Till where the road leads to kedarnath and thereafter how much km trek is there

Kaveesh Nair

2 years ago
There are now primarily two treks to Kedarnath after the old one got washed away in the floods. One is from Sonprayag (22-24km) and the other from Guptakshi (you can drive till Chaumasi and then a 34km trek). However, the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering suggest the latter.

Q. Is it advisable to go Kedarnath in April beginning for solo traveller? What will be the climate over there?

Shyam Jalan

2 years ago
No, because all roads are closed due to heavy snow, it's not accessible at all.

Q. Planning to visit Kedarnath in July?? Is it safe to travel in this month? Also how safe it is to travel alone as I am traveling alone?

Shyam Jalan

2 years ago
Safe but beware of rainfall and landslides. Go in group if you are not superman.
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Kumar Kislay

2 years ago
- Kedarnath is one of the most sacred and significant religious centers of the country. Do respect and be sensitive towards local beliefs and religious sentiments.
- Carry your identification proofs and documents. They may be required at some check points.
- Carrying a first aid kit is an essential and especially medicines for altitude related problems. It might also be a good idea to get a check up before you go for a trek at a high altitude as such.
- Carry proper and heavy woolens.

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