What is the best time to visit Kanatal?

Kanatal can be visited throughout the year. The summers are very pleasant with temperature going up to 28 degrees Celcius. Cotton or light woollen will suffice to enjoy the area. The winters are blessed with snowfall (December-February) but the temperature falls down to 3 degrees Celcius. The place looks magical during the season and heavy woollens are a must to carry. Kanatal's weather is perpetually cold and gives off a remarkably calm effect for all the tourists and locals alike. Monsoon in the area brings down heavy rainfall after which the place looks absolutely refreshed and blooming, although it is best to avoid the rainy season. When visiting Kanatal, one must look out for the various trekking tales, dense exploratory jungles, and other mountains and rivers which have formed a special place in every visitor's heart.

Weather in Kanatal


Upcoming Kanatal Weather

Monthly Weather in Kanatal

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 7 19
February 10 24
March 13 28
April 19 36
May 22 36
June 23 37
July 23 32
August 22 31
September 22 32
October 18 30
November 12 27
December 9 22

Kanatal in Summer (April - June)

The summers in Kanatal, like most summer months in India, are the hottest months. However, in this quaint hill station, the months from March to June too are cold and windy. The summer heat in Kanatal ranges from around 25 degree Celsius to 38 degree Celsius and is exceptionally short-lived. Even during this heat, the moist winds, as well as drastic temperature drop at night, brings forth an excellent reprise for the visitors of Kanatal. Summer is also the ideal month for going on treks and exploring the wealth of flora and fauna that Kanatal has to offer.

Sunset in Tehri

Kanatal in Winter (October - March)

Winters are the best and most ideal time to visit Kanatal due to its chilling temperatures and abundance of festivals that are celebrated with utmost reverence and joy. The temperature during October to February ranges from around 1 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius which makes carrying woollen, thick clothes a necessity. These months also see a considerable lot of snowfall and the entire town looks miraculous under the thick blanket of snow. The festival of Dussehra which celebrates one of the most epic Hindu mythologies is one of the many festivals celebrated during the winters. However, Dussehra is celebrated with such awe and joy that it sometimes overpowers other festivals in Kanatal. Dussehra lasts for ten days in October and brings together some fairs, plays and other social activities.

Kanatal in Monsoon (July - September)

The monsoon season in Kanatal, consisting of July and August, is perhaps the worst season to visit the hill station as a tourist. Although Kanatal receives rainfall only in these two months, its average rainfall is as high as 700mm annually, which means that July and August not only receive heavy rains, but these rains are also in the form of continuous downpours which show no sign of stopping. September may be a great time to witness the beauty of these rains and the lush green effect of Kanatal’s natural surroundings with minimum amounts of showers, but these two months should be avoided. The road to Kanatal is also robbed off of visibility and clarity due to these rains. It also increases the chances of cloudburst and landslides, hence the place must be avoided during the rainy season.
Tehri Dam
Tehri Dam

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