Hyderabad to Kanyakumari

   Hyderabad to Kanyakumari Road Distance 1,235 km
   Hyderabad to Kanyakumari Aerial Distance 1,039 km
  Hyderabad to Kanyakumari Travel Time 17 hours 28 mins

How to reach Kanyakumari from Hyderabad

The Preferred Way of Travelling from Hyderabad to Kanyakumari

The road distance between Hyderabad and Kanyakumari is vast and can be tedious to cover solely via road transport. Thus, the most convenient way of reaching Kanyakumari from Hyderabad is to board a flight to Thiruvananthapuram from Hyderabad and further take a cab or bus from Thiruvananthapuram to Kanyakumari.

Knowing The Details

1. Hyderabad to Kanyakumari - Via Thiruvananthapuram
2. Hyderabad to Kanyakumari - Via Bangalore
3. Popular Routes to Kanyakumari
4. Popular Routes from Hyderabad
5. Places to Visit in Kanyakumari
6. Hotels in Kanyakumari

1. Hyderabad to Kanyakumari - Via Thiruvananthapuram

Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram - Via Flight

The coastal town of Kanyakumari is located 1240 km away from Hyderabad and does not have an airport of its own. The nearest airport is Trivandrum International Airport (TVD) in Thiruvananthapuram, approximately 90 km far from Kanyakumari. The fastest and most preferred way of travelling from Hyderabad to Kanyakumari is through Thiruvananthapuram.
Direct and Indirect Flights
You can board a direct flight from Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram, then either hop on a train or hail a private taxi to Kanyakumari. Both Hyderabad and Thiruvananthapuram are well-connected by a host of major airlines like IndiGo and Air India. A direct flight from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD) in Hyderabad takes 1 hour and 50 minutes to reach Trivandrum International Airport (TVD). A connecting flight to TVD may roughly take 3 to 6 hours. You can check the flight schedules online to book the one that suits your travel needs. 
Preferable Local Transport Available from Thiruvananthapuram Airport
The only mean of transport available from the airport is a taxi as the local bus stand is around 6 km away. 

Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram - Via Train

Travelling from Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram is a budget-friendly way to cover the distance of 1317 km. However, not many travellers prefer a train ride from Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram, as it takes approximately 31 hours to reach the destination.
Train Details
Two trains run on this route

1. Sabari Express and Hyderabad 

The first train to depart from Hyderabad is Sabari Express. It leaves Hyderabad at 11:40 and takes 30 hours 40 minutes to reach Thiruvananthapuram.

2. Kochuveli Special Fare Special

Hyderabad - Kochuveli Special Fare Special is the last train to leave Hyderabad. It departs at 21:00 and takes around 30 hours and 20 minutes to reach the final destination.

The Sabari Express operates daily on this route while Hyderabad - Kochuveli Special Fare Special only runs on Saturday. Some of the major stations that these trains pass through are Katpadi, Salem, Coimbatore, Thrissur, and Ernakulam. Both the trains make around 29 halts en route to Thiruvananthapuram. The two trains running from Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram do not host pantry cars; hence, it is advisable to make alternate food arrangements. 
Train Options Available
1. Sabari Express (17230)
Departure - 11:40
Arrival - 18:50

2. Hyderabad - Kochuveli Special Fare Special (07115)
Departure - 21:00
Arrival - 03:20
Starting Station in Hyderabad
  • Secunderabad Junction (SC)
  • Hyderabad Deccan/Nampally Railway Station (HYB) 
Drop Station in Thiruvananthapuram
  • Trivandrum Central Railway Station (TVC)
  • Kochuveli Railway Station (KCVL) - Thiruvananthapuram north. 
Duration of the Journey
The estimated time it takes to reach from Hyderabad by train is approximately 31 hours. 
The ticket price for a train on this route may vary depending on the train and the type of coach you book.
Sleeper seat - INR 610
3 tier AC seat - INR 1640
2 tier AC seat - INR 2405
Preferable Local Transport Available from the Thiruvananthapuram Station

A private taxi booked either online or from a local vendor is the most convenient mode of transportation available from Thiruvananthapuram station. For economical options, you can take an auto-rickshaw or a local city bus. 

Thiruvananthapuram to Kanyakumari - Via Cab

One of the most convenient ways of reaching Kanyakumari from Thiruvananthapuram is via cabs; Indica being one of the top choices. You could also book taxis from online cab service providers such as Savaari and GoZoCabs. 

Appoximate Fares
AC Economy (Tata Indica) - INR 2573
AC Sedan (Toyota Etios) - INR 2573
AC Minivan (Toyota Innova) - INR 3413

Thiruvananthapuram to Kanyakumari - Via Bus

Travellers can also opt for buses to reach Kanyakumari from Thiruvananthapuram, which can be availed either manually or online. The online services available to book bus tickets are Redbus.com and Aanavandi.com. 
The KSRTC operates night buses on the Thiruvananthpuram - Kanyakumari route quite frequently. Some of the options are as follows:

1. Fast Passenger
Bus One:
Departure Time: 2:30 AM
Arrival Time: 5:00 AM
Via Neyyatinkara, Kaliykkavilla and Nagercovil

Bus Two:
Departure Time: 1:30 AM
Arrival Time: 4:00 AM
Via Neyyatinkara, Kaliykkavilla and Nagercovil

2. Super Fast
Bus One:
Departure Time: 5:30 AM
Arrival Time: 8:00 AM
Via Neyyatinkara, Kaliykkavilla and Nagercovil

Bus Two:
Departure Time: 6:20 AM
Arrival Time: 9:00 AM
Via Neyyatinkara, Kaliykkavilla, Nagercovil and Swamythope

Bus Three:
Departure Time: 3:00 AM
Arrival Time: 5:20 AM
Via Neyyatinkara, Kaliykkavilla and Nagercovil

Bus Four:
Departure Time: 5:30 AM 
Arrival Time: 8:20 AM
Via Neyyatinkara, Kaliykkavilla, Nagercovil and Swamythope

Bus Five:
Departure Time: 6:30 AM
Arrival Time: 9:00 AM
Via Neyyatinkara, Kaliykkavilla and Nagercovil

2. Hyderabad to Kanyakumari - Via Bangalore

Hyderabad to Bangalore - Via Flight 

Alternatively, you can reach Kanyakumari from Hyderabad via Bangalore. The distance between Hyderabad and Bangalore is 569 km, and both the cities are well-connected by air, rail, and road. If you take a bus from Hyderabad, it will take you around 9 hours to reach Bangalore, while a train journey usually takes 11 to 12 hours.
Direct Flights
Instead, you can board a direct flight connecting the two cities to cut down on the estimated travel time. With a fleet of non-stop and connecting flights plying on this route throughout the day, you can book a flight as per your convenience.
Flight Duration and Details
A direct flight from Kempegowda International Bangalore Airport (BLR) to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD) usually takes 1 hour 15 minutes. However, connecting flights may take 3 to 8 hours to arrive at the destination. 
Top Choices
Some of the major airlines that offer flights from Hyderabad to Bangalore are Air India, IndiGo, GoAir, SpiceJet, and Air Asia. 
Preferable Local Transport Available from Bangalore Airport

From the airport, you can hop on an air-conditioned Volvo BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) bus to reach the city. These buses leave after every 15 minutes and offer a comfortable ride to Bangalore city. Alternatively, you can hail an airport taxi or book a cab online from online cab sites like Ola, Uber or Meru. 

Bangalore to Kanyakumari - Via Car (Cab/Self Drive)

The distance between Bangalore and Kanyakumari is approximately a 10-hour drive, hence, travellers can opt for self-driven cars or rent cabs to reach Kanyakumari city. Savaari.com, goibibo.com, clearcarrental.com and gozocabs.com are some of the top car rental choices. You could also hire self-drive cars to fulfill the journey by yourself. 

Approximate Prices
Hatchback Cab - INR 11,151
Sedan - INR 11,151
SUV - INR 14,092

Bangalore to Kanyakumari - Via Bus

There are a wide choices of public and private buses from Bangalore to Kanyakumari. The Tamil Nadu State Corporation (TNRTC) hosts two government aided buses. They are as follows:

15 Hour and 30 Minute Journey
Departure Time: 14:00
Arrival Time: 05:30 
Fare: INR 801

14 Hour Journey
Departure Time: 18:45
Arrival Time: 08:45
Fare: INR 801

Some of the top private buses offering services via the Bangalore - Kanyakumari route are as follows:

1. Kallada Travels - Volvo Multi-Axle B9R Semi Sleeper (2+2)
9 Hour 20 Minute Journey

Departure Time: 1:00
Arrival Time: 10:20
Fare: INR 1290

2. Orange Tours and Travels - AC Sleeper (2+1)
14 Hour and 25 Minute Journey
Departure Time: 17:20
Arrival Time: 07:45
Fare: INR 1350

3. Royal Travels

NON AC Sleeper (2+1):
14 Hour Journey
Departure Time: 18:00
Arrival Time: 08:00
Fare: INR 850

AC Sleeper (2+1):
13 Hour 30 Minute Journey

Departure Time: 20:15
Arrival Time: 09:45
Fare: INR 950

4. KPN - NON AC Sleeper (2+1)
13 Hour Journey
Departure Time: 18:30
Arrival Time: 07:30
Fare: INR 1170

5. Orange Tours and Travels Grand - A/C Sleeper (2+1)
10 Hour 30 Minute Journey
Departure Time: 21:30
Arrival Time: 08:00
Fare: INR 1350

Popular Routes to Kanyakumari

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Chennai to Kanyakumari 10 hours 19 mins 710 km
Bangalore to Kanyakumari 9 hours 33 mins 667 km
Hyderabad to Kanyakumari 17 hours 28 mins 1,235 km
Delhi to Kanyakumari 1 day 17 hours 2,833 km
Pune to Kanyakumari 21 hours 5 mins 1,511 km
Mumbai to Kanyakumari 23 hours 5 mins 1,654 km

Popular Routes from Hyderabad

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Hyderabad to Goa 12 hours 30 mins 637 km
Hyderabad to Bangalore 8 hours 1 min 569 km
Hyderabad to Ooty 13 hours 40 mins 847 km
Hyderabad to Coorg 12 hours 38 mins 819 km
Hyderabad to Kodaikanal 15 hours 38 mins 1,033 km
Hyderabad to Shirdi 12 hours 17 mins 646 km

Top Hotels In Kanyakumari