In Kanyakumari, much of what is prepared is done so with a generous use of spices and an essential garnish of coconut. Hence, one can sense these two flavours distinctly in almost all the food here. Other than these, do enjoy delicacies of freshly caught fishes, as well as typical South-Indian platters in one of their most authentic and lip-smacking forms. Typical South-Indian delicacies that one must try include Idli, Dosa, Chutney, Vada, Sambhar, Rasam, Upma, Sweet Pongal, Payassam, Kesari and more. One also finds North-Indian, Gujarati, Chinese, Rajasthani cuisines here.

Please note: Even though it is a famous tourist spot, one cannot find many restaurants that serve western cuisines.

Photos of Famous Food in Kanyakumari

Local dishes of Kanyakumari
Local dishes of Kanyakumari

Restaurants in Kanyakumari

Hotel Saravana

Indian, South-Indian, Gujarati


INR 100-250 for two

This place is a hot spot for foodies who love vegetarian Indian, Gujarati or South Indian dishes. Whether it is Pongal, Dhokla or Kheer, every carries rich and authentic flavors.

Sannathi Street, Kanyakumari

Hotel Sea View

Continental, Chinese, Indian, Seafood


INR 200-500 for two

For a luxurious and flattering experience, Hotel Sea View is an exclusive restaurant which serves a wide variety of authentic delicacies and is known for its ambience.

East Car Street,Kanyakumari,Tamil Nadu,629702

Sangam Restaurant



INR 400 for two

Given its reputation for the best non-vegetarian sea food delicacies in town, people from around the world visit Sangam restaurant to try the various kind of regional fish preparations. Some Kerala and Tamilian cuisine dishes can also be enjoyed here.

2-18, A6,South Car Street,Kanyakumari,Tamil Nadu,629702

Archana Restaurant


INR 100 for two

The Seashore hotel serves typical Tamilian cuisines, with total justice done to fare being provided. With simple ambience and comfortable seating, this is among a few popular restaurants of Kanyakumari.

East Car Street, Kanyakumari

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