Food of Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi doesn?t make it to the top list of best food places in Thailand, but it is still decent and you can explore some really great things. The night market has a great variety of fried insects and grilled meats A speciality of here is the gooey grilled bananas, coconut sticky rice with mango and jackfruit, and the range of prepared curries. Chukdon night market is a better option among others. The central fresh market has loads of seafood options. There are many floating restaurants along the Mae Nam Khwae road for a different experience and a western meal.

Food for Indians in Kanchanaburi

Vegetarian food can be difficult to find in any city of Thailand in general, same is the case with this. However, there are a few good options too. A very popular restaurant is On's Issan-Thai where most of the vegetarians head to. When it comes to vegan food, some of the healthy and suitable options are Kaow Jiaw and Mam Vegetarian.

Kanchanaburi Photos

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