Food of Koh Kret

Koh Kret gives you a glimpse of the old Vietnamese rural culture with its Mon settlement. The same is reflected in the majority of the dishes that are prepared in local homes and in the market. Following are a few places that you must visit to savour some good food in Koh Kret - 

  • Tort Man Nor Galah is a dish of Mon Origin where Tort Man means deep-fried fish patties with herbs and mushrooms, Nor Galah means an aquatic vegetable that is deep-fried. This is served with the tongue-tingling sweet and sour sauce.
  • Another popular dish is the Kanom Jeen which is fermented rice noodles served with a variety of gravies.
  • Kow Chaa is a rice dish that is camphor scented served with knick-knacks. It has cooling properties. Hence considered appropriate for summers to beat the heat. 
  • Koh Kret and Thailand, in general, are known for their sweet (Kanom) and savoury snacks (Korng wahng). There is ample sweet stuff owing to the abundance of sweet plums that grow here. For the Korng wahng, you can try Miang Kam that is wild tea leaves with herbs and sweet-savoury sauce.
  • Pan Sip, are like tiny deep-fried rolls oozing with a mixture of shredded fish, peanuts and black pepper.
  • Try Gai Sarong, is minced chicken wrapped in egg noodles and then deep fried into golden balls.
  • Pandan noodles are a must-try.
  • There are a string of open-air restaurants in the area that you can try in Koh Kret like Pa Ka Lung that serves Kow Chaa, Kanom Jeen and many other local dishes.

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