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Fort Chanwa, Jodhpur Overview

Situated in Luni near Jodhpur in Rajasthani, Fort Chanwa is an excellent example of elegance, royalty and architecture of the last century. Constructed by Maharaja Manish Soni hundreds of years ago, the fort has lately been converted into a luxury heritage hotel by its owners Maharaja Dalip Singh and Rani Madhu Devi. Set in the backdrop of the Thar Desert, the fort stands as a testimony to the regalia and royalty of the bygone era with its elaborate parapets, manicured gardens, carved lattice work friezes and Jharokas (or balconies). With a perfect amalgamation of modern day facilities and a tinge of the old world charm, the hotel provides you with a traditional Rajasthani experience. The exquisite interiors and unparalleled services and hospitality by the staff is definitely going to be an experience of a lifetime for you. After you are done taking a tour of the grand palace, you can also venture to explore the nearby attractions like Mehrangarh Fort, Luni River, Urban Haat, Flying Fox etc.

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History of Fort Chanwa

During the rule of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II between 1876-1895 A.D, there was an astute politician and a member of the administration in the name of Kaviraj Muraridanji. Kaviraj Muraridanji was awarded the hamlet of Chanwa as his ‘jagir’ meaning ‘spoils’ in  1894 because of his military prowess and achievements. He built the exquisite haveli, now known as Fort Chanwa on the same land. However, in 1941, at the death of Murarji, there was no male successor so the fort and the ‘jagir’ came to occupied by the state.

In 1948, Chanwa was again granted to Maharaja Dalip Singh, the youngest son of Maharaja Umaid Singh. Because of years of abandonment and due to lack of renovation, the fort became desolate and dilapidated. However, in 1992, as a result of the rising tourism industry and coming up of heritage hotels and resorts, Maharaja Dalip Singh got the fort restored to its pristine glory and magnanimity and opened its gates to the public. Today, Fort Chanwa provides a luxury stay experience to all its guests in the most royal way possible.

Architecture of Fort Chanwa

Built in the traditional 18th century Rajasthani architecture, the fort stands testimony and as an excellent example of the flourishing middle ages and the glorious bygone era. Completely constructed in red sandstone, the fort boasts of elaborately carved lattice work friezes, and ornamental jharokas (meaning balconies). With a maze of courtyards, corridors and stairways, the haveli also has a water wheel, and secret passages leading to pavilions and rooms in the interior of the castle. The magnanimous rooftops offer enchanting views of the hamlet below in the backdrop of the mighty Thar Desert.

The walls and the public spaces in Fort Chanwa are adorned with antiques and ancient paintings made by the renowned artists of the last centuries. You can also find handicrafts not just from the olden days but also by the contemporary artists residing in the village of Luni. There is also a handicrafts shop in the premises of the fort from where you can purchase some of these products.

Services Offered at Fort Chanwa

Fort Chanwa offers a luxurious stay with over 60 rooms on campus. The facilities and services at the fort include lawns for private parties, weddings, multi-cuisine restaurant operating all around the clock, poolside venues, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, sauna, massage and spas etc.
The rooms in Fort Chanwa have been divided into two categories-
  1. Heritage Classic Rooms

    Representing a timeless Rajasthan, these are the classic rooms furnished with a standard size bed, furniture, washroom and in-house services. A mix of modern and traditional, the room are super comfy and are equipped with LCD, TV, mini refrigerator etc.
  2. Heritage Deluxe Rooms

    These rooms are equipped with all the modern amenities within a cultural backdrop just like the Heritage Classic Rooms. The only difference is these are slightly larger to accommodate more people as in, to accommodate a family instead of just a single couple.

Activities at Fort Chanwa

  1. Village Tours

    You can enjoy a village tour that can be organized by the management on request. It is an enlightening experience where you can take a peek in the insides of the rural lifestyle of Rajasthan. Besides interacting with the local crowds, you can also visit their mud and thatch houses and taste their homemade food on request.
  2. Jeep Safari

    Fort Chanwa also organizes jeep safaris of the adjoining area. The tour includes a full day trip of the outskirts and countryside of Rajasthan. The package also includes complimentary lunch. This ride lets you admire the beauty of the desert in its raw farm. Spot the local wildlife - black bucks, chinkaras etc. and capture it in your cameras.
  3. Camel Safari

    Camel Safaris are the most popular way to explore the local lifestyle of the village outside Fort Chanwa in Luni and other smaller hamlets. You are taken across the desert land where you can witness the several crafts of Rajasthan like handweaving, pottery and handicrafts etc.
  4. Horse Riding and Camel Riding

    Horse Riding and Camel Riding come as part of the recreational activities of the heritage fort. These rides can be organized on request and can be adjusted to the amateur or professional level depending on your level of capability. This experience is a must try and is a whole lot of fun.
  5. Gifts and Handicrafts Shop

    There is a local gifts and handicrafts shops located within the premises of the Fort Chanwa. The shop displays and markets handcrafted products by the local artisans and craftsmen of the village. You can take a look and purchase some products make with exceptional expertise and precision.
  6. Cross Country Cycling

    This is one of the unique and most loved activities at the fort. You can just pick by a bicycle and take your time exploring the nearby villages and the countryside. In this case, you won’t have a guide or even a time schedule. You can spend as much time as you want admiring the scenic landscape, rich wildlife or just cycling around rural villages.

Weddings and Events at Fort Chanwa

  1. Corporate Theme Event and Parties

    Fort Chanwa is one of the most popular places in the region when it comes to organizing private parties and corporate dinners. The excellent set designing team at the Fort Chanwa leaves no stone unturned to make the place look the best in terms of decor and setting. Gala Nights, Award Functions, and Recognition Events are some of the most commonly organized functions at the fort. The place shines with royalty and reverbs with glitter and glamour.
  2. Pre-Wedding Shoot

    Pre-Wedding Shoots have lately been gaining momentum in India and Fort Chanwa is quickly turning out to be one of the most popular places among the couples to get the romantic shoot done owing to its ageless beauty and royalistic aura. The opulent palace and its beautifully carved walls and panels gives the photographs and extra dramatic and dreamy element.
  3. Destination Weddings

    India tops the list when it comes to extravagant weddings and celebrations. Nowadays, more and more people tend to go for destination weddings and the most sought after destination is obviously Rajasthan due to its majestic forts and gorgeous setting. Fort Chanwa also organizes destination weddings with theme music, decor and food. It is an extra memorable experience for the hosts as well as for the guests as they are treated to amazing food, superb folk dances and amazing decorations that is a visual treat.

Attractions near Fort Chanwa

  1. Luni River

    Luni River is situated at a distance of less than a km from the Fort Chanwa. You can take an evening off and relax by the river watching the birds flock in the ripples of water. Besides utmost peace and serenity, it is also a popular picnic spot in the region.
  2. Flying Fox

    At a distance of around 20-30 km from Fort Chanwa, you can also try your hand at Flying Fox and get an adrenaline rush. There are several organizations and activity centres which organize this activity. You can book your tickets online or you can also ask at the hotel.
  3. Mehrangarh Fort

    Mehrangarh is one of the top tourist attractions of the city and is only at a distance of 40 km from Fort Chanwa. You can take a half day trip to the magnificent fort. It is popular for its superb architecture and grandiose setting. It is here that you can try several activities as well.
  4. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

    Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park is a vast desert park sprawling over 72 acres of land. Created in 2006, the park boasts of arid land vegetation on rocky grounds. The park is surrounded by volcanic rock and soil formations.

How to Reach

Fort Chanwa is located in the small village of Luni near Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The nearest airport is in Jodhpur which is at a distance of 34 km from Luni. The nearest railway station is in Luni itself. The place is also connected by road to all the major cities and is only 8 km from Jodhpur.

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