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105. Plaza Indonesia

Plaza Indonesia

1,375 km
from city center
105 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Plaza Indonesia is a huge shopping mall located on Thamrin Road within central Jakarta. Housed near Selamat Datang, it is the place to go to when looking for big brands and a comfortable shopping experience. The friendly staff, trendy stores and lip smacking fare at the food & beverage section make Plaza Indonesia one the best malls across Indonesia.

106. Pasar Baru

Pasar Baru

1,372 km
from city center
106 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Located in the Sawah Besar subdistrict of Central Jakarta, Pasar Baru is an administrative district and one of the oldest shopping districts in the city. The Pasar Baru street is lined with shops selling a wide range of products, from clothing to footwear, cosmetics to watches, electronic items to musical instruments along with roadside eateries serving dumplings, noodles and meatballs. The traditional market known for display of Indonesian, Chinese and Indian Cultures is a great place for shopaholics and foodies.

107. Mall of Indonesia

Mall of Indonesia

1,370 km
from city center
107 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Situated at the banks of Kali Sunter, close to the Kelapa Gading Square of Jakarta, lies the Mall of Indonesia. Be it shopping, cinema theatres, multi-cuisine restaurants or fun-filled activities and events for the public and tourists, the Mall of Indonesia has everything to satisfy everyone’s appetite for entertainment. Sparkling colourful lamps, soothing music in the background, and jovial people hanging around with their friends and family is how the huge Mall of Indonesia can be described as. 

108. Pasar Santa

Pasar Santa

1,380 km
from city center
108 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Pasar Santa Market is located in the Indonesian subdistrict of Kebayoran Baru. This traditional market place in South Jakarta is a one-stop destination for all your requirements. Known to be a traditional-turned-trendy place it is celebrated for the reinvented food, brands, typeface, and design shops. Pasar Santa is the new hype in Jakarta which is at its best if you explore it with your friends and want to take a break from the over-hyped malls and eating places.

109. Cafe Batavia

Cafe Batavia

1,368 km
from city center
109 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Cafe Batavia is a 19th-century old restaurant situated in Kota Tua (also known as Old Town) in Jakarta, Indonesia. This 200-year-old building is known to be the second most former building of Jakarta after the Fatahillah Museum. Very few buildings from the 19th century can be found in Jakarta, and this restaurant is one among them. The classy bistro style of the architecture with a touch of colonial decor, old parlour floors, marble tabletops, and art deco furnishings is capable of pulling a decent crowd.

110. Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo

1,388 km
from city center
110 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Designed to awaken the animal lover within you, Ragunan Zoo is a fine amalgamation of flora, fauna, foliage and some amazing wildlife. Situated in Passar Minguu, this place is full of countless species of animals from different parts of the world. Providing shade and shelter to animals and birds for more than a century now, Ragunan zoo has earned the reputation of being one of the oldest in the world.

111. Central Park Jakarta

Central Park Jakarta

1,373 km
from city center
111 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Believed to be the 10th largest building in the world, Central Park Mall in Jakarta includes shopping spaces, an office tower, apartment buildings, and even a hotel. It draws its name from the iconic park in New York City and covers over 70,00,000 square feet in Grogol Petamburan district, West Jakarta. It has top local and international brands, a great food court with a variety of fast-food restaurants, a ten-screen cinema, and beautiful garden spaces to complement the shopping experience here.

112. Puncak Pass

Puncak Pass

1,432 km
from city center
112 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Puncak is a mountain pass situated in West Java in Indonesia serves as a regular weekend hideaway for the people of Jakarta. It is the hotspot for some of the adventure activities while being majorly famous for its lush nature trails, botanical gardens, waterfalls and tea estates. Tea estate tour and paragliding are a few activities that lure people to visit Puncak besides the mountain scenery.

113. Summarecon Mall Bekasi

Summarecon Mall Bekasi

1,379 km
from city center
113 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Situated in the Kota BKS region of Jakarta city, the Summarecon Mall Bekasi is one of the most popular malls of Jakarta built over a sprawling 60,000 square meters area. Spread over three floors, the mall houses a large number of local and branded shopping outlets selling clothes, footwear, cosmetics, and electronic gadgets.

114. Sawarna Beach

Sawarna Beach

0 km
from city center
114 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Located 200 km to the south of Jakarta, Sawarna Beach is one of the lesser-known beaches in Banten. The Sawarna village is renowned for the breadth of activities that one can do at this sleepy fishing village. Karst caves, thriving coral reefs, and great surf bring beach-lovers from around the world here.

115. Transera Waterpark

Transera Waterpark
4.3 /5

1,371 km
from city center
115 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Enjoy a combination of a dry park and a water park for the whole family at Jakarta's Transera Waterpark, open daily from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. Along with delectable food and arcade games, the African-themed park offers unique attractions like Voodoo House, water battles, Crazy Cone, Cango Slide, Zambesi River expedition and Turkana pool. Entrance tickets cost 66,300 Rupiah.

116. Palm Bay Water Park

Palm Bay Water Park
4.1 /5

1,369 km
from city center
116 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Palm Bay Water Park is a tropical summer paradise for families and tourists, boasting water slides, thrill rides, different pools and a play area. Located in West Jakarta, Palm Bay Waterpark is open between 9 AM and 4 PM from Friday to Monday. The admission fee is 30,000 Rupiah, including fascinating encounters with birds and snakes in a particular section.

117. CX Waterpark

CX Waterpark
4.2 /5

1,389 km
from city center
117 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Spend a refreshing day at CX Waterpark and Resto, a laid-back aquatic retreat and outdoor event venue with massive swimming pools, five different water slides and splash areas. Popular for group swimming and families, CX Waterpark also has a food court, shady cabanas and daybeds for sunbathing. Ticket prices are 30,000 Rupiah on weekdays and 40,000 Rupiah on weekends.

118. SS Waterpark TMII

SS Waterpark TMII
4.3 /5

1,387 km
from city center
118 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Make the most of your East Jakarta vacation by heading to SS Waterpark TMII, housed within the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah complex. Open from Sunday to Thursday between 8 AM and 5 PM; this family park offers a swimming pool, mini slides, a climbing fort and a giant bucket against the backdrop of a gigantic castle. Entrance tickets cost 23,000 Rupiah.

119. Watersplash Citra 2

Watersplash Citra 2
4.4 /5

1,369 km
from city center
119 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Watersplash Citra 2 is one of Jakarta's newest waterparks to enjoy swimming with your loved ones or book the entire park for events. Located inside Citra Garden City housing estate, Watersplash is open daily from 8 AM to 6 PM except on Mondays. Alongside a crescent-shaped pool, multiple slides and lush sitting nooks, the park features games and prizes.

120. Shopping in Jakarta

Shopping in Jakarta
4.4 /5

1,881 km
from city center
120 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Jakarta is a fabulous place for shopping. With over 100 shopping malls and exceptional markets, the variety of commodities that tourists can explore is almost cosmic. Jakarta is popular for a number of native items like batik, wooden carvings, jewellery, gemstones, Indonesian coffee, homegrown fashion, pouches, Wayang puppets and a lot more. Some of the best malls in Jakarta are Grand Indonesia Mall, Central Park, Kota Kasablanka, Gandaria City Mall, Plaza Indonesia, and Senayan City. If you want to bag good bargain deals, you can visit the International Trade Centre (ITC), Pasar Baru, Blok M, and Tanah Abang Market, to name a few.

121. Ancol Beach

Ancol Beach
4.4 /5

6 km
from city center
121 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Stretched over the north coast of Jakarta, Ancol Beach is a part of Jakarta’s largest recreation park and remains to be the only beach in the city that can be reached without a boat. Therefore, it is the perfect destination for a relaxing weekend getaway and enjoying refreshing beach waves with family and friends. You can go for a boat ride, engage in various beach activities and water sports, or enjoy the enchanting sunset that is the highlight of this place. Located barely 12 kilometres from the city, Ancol Beach is a must-visit place that needs to be on your Jakarta itinerary.

122. Explore Kemang

Explore Kemang
4.5 /5

12 km
from city center
122 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

The Kemang neighbourhood in Jakarta is considered the best place to live for expatriates, given its close proximity to international schools and its wonderful blend of fancy apartments, good food, trendy nightclubs, shops, and other amenities. Kemang’s specialities include its eateries like Baconerie, Komunal 88, Mamma Rosy, and more. In addition, it has a range of nighttime hotspots like Beer Garden, Parc 19, Queens Head, and Yolo BBQ. Kemang is also famous for its furniture shops like Bika Living, Cayenne, and Le Souq. From funky collections to luxury furniture, you can get almost any type of furniture and home decor in this lively neighbourhood of Jakarta.

123. Nightlife in Jakarta

Nightlife in Jakarta
4.6 /5

686 km
from city center
123 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Nightlife in Jakarta is extremely cosmopolitan and Urbanic in nature, with several clubs, lounges and bars in the city. As a diverse number of tourists visit Jakarta, its clubs are category specific. Some are for partying, some only cater to the young crowd and backpackers, and some are tailored as per the preference of the corporate world. A few of the most popular clubs in Jakarta include Dragonfly Club, Colosseum Club, Empirica Club, and Jenja Club. Another example of Jakarta's happening nightlife experience would be its numerous rooftop bars that come with a beautiful panoramic view of the city. The Cloud Lounge, Karumba, and Lucy in the Sky are some of the top rooftop bars in Jakarta that are worth visiting.

124. Local Food in Jakarta

Local Food in Jakarta
4.3 /5

124 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Jakarta has an endless variety of local food and drinks. Indonesians love to eat out, and most depend heavily on street food to satisfy their inner foodie. Their street food is primarily quick meals served on a ‘push cart’, and the highlight of buying from a push kart is that you get to see your meal being prepared right before you. There’s a range of local delicacies you can dig into, including simple fried tofu, gudeg (stewed jackfruit), Soto (traditional Indonesian soup served with rice), and Satay (a heavenly dish with chunks of dice-sized grilled meat on bamboo skewers which is usually served with spicy seasonings).

125. Mega Malls of Jakarta

Mega Malls of Jakarta
4.5 /5

125 out of 125
things to do in Jakarta

Everyone loves mall hopping when they are on vacation to Jakarta. The capital city of Indonesia has over a hundred glitzy malls with a lot of fashion, entertainment, food and fun to offer its visitors. You will inevitably land up in front of a plush mall entrance, alluring you to empty your pockets and spend on just about anything and everything. Some malls that should not be missed in Jakarta are Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah, Mal Taman Anggrek, Pacific Place, Plaza Indonesia, and Gandaria City, among many others.

FAQs on Jakarta

What are the top hotels in Jakarta?

There are 3096 Hotels in Jakarta which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Jakarta are OYO 2251 D'sasya Syariah 2, Kota Kasablanka Apartment, Apartment Bassura City 2 Bedrooms, Cozy Apartment at Cosmo Residence, Cozy Studio at Tifolia Apartment, 3 BR With Sofa Bed At Maple Park Sunter Apartment By Travelio. You can see all the hotels in Jakarta here

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The top activities in Jakarta are Jakarta Private Car Charter, Jakarta Walking Tour, Jakarta City Tour, Puncak Private Car Charter, Jakarta Historical Tour, Bogor City Private Car Charter.

What are the top shopping places in Jakarta?

The top shopping places in Jakarta are Grand Indonesia Mall, Taman Anggrek Mall, Pondok Indah Mall.

What are the top sightseeing places in Jakarta?

The top sightseeing places in Jakarta are National Monument of Indonesia (MONAS), Grand Indonesia Mall, Merdeka Square, Kota Tua, Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands), Mesjid Istiqlal.

How much does a package cost for Jakarta?

The packages for Jakarta start at INR 9688 which can be further customized based on number of people, days, hotel category, vehicle type and customizations. You can have a look at all packages here

How can I commute within Jakarta?

TransJakarta offers a wide range of buses that are slightly more expensive than regular buses, but are air-conditioned. The prices are put up on the buses, so it should be easy to view. They also have tongas and scooters for the more inaccessible pockets of the city.
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