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Pasar Santa, Jakarta, Jakarta Overview

Pasar Santa Market is located in the Indonesian subdistrict of Kebayoran Baru. This traditional market place in South Jakarta is a one-stop destination for all your requirements. Known to be a traditional-turned-trendy place it is celebrated for the reinvented food, brands, typeface, and design shops. Pasar Santa is the new hype in Jakarta which is at its best if you explore it with your friends and want to take a break from the over-hyped malls and eating places.

Pasar Santa Market has now become the hangout spot for the younger generation. You can loosen your pocket for, this market is a one-stop destination for everything you would love to own. Record stores, clothing shops, shoe stores, household items, jewelry, food, and a lot more options can be unearthed at this place. Hence, if you are looking for a hot spot in Jakarta, then Pasar Santa is your place to be.

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Pasar Santa Market

Pasar Santa has over 350 shops and kiosks. Initially, the market had only fruit, vegetables, and household items but soon several stalls opened up. This gave youngsters opportunities to start a small business. Outside the market, one can find night-flower shops. As you get inside the market, you will see record shops, vintage t-shirt shops, and food stalls as well.

On the first floor of Pasar Santa market, you will get local batik shops, footwear, and jewelry stores. Not only this, but you will also find pop-up art galleries, book shops to shoe-cleaning services in Pasar Santa. If you walk to the east entrance, you will discover Tumbul Vintages which has Indonesian vintage and retro item. Le Petit Printil curates and sells flea market vintage items which are hauled from France.

Besides these, the music stores in Pasar Santa are a must visit. High Fidelity Records, Antique Lab, Laidback Blues, and Ragtime Record are in the list. The unique attribute of this place is that new shops open almost every month, so you are down to find variety during your visit.

What & Where to Eat in Pasar Santa

While the basement of Pasar Santa is kept alive by its traditional charm, the first floor of this market has been hijacked by Jakarta’s youngsters. It buzzes with several international eateries like Mexican cantina, a Laksa shop, a Korean BBQ stand, a natural juice outlet, and a vegan sandwich shop. The second floor of the market sells food from appetizers to dessert and sweet to savory.

Here is the list of items you should try when visiting Pasar Santa:
  • Coffee from Gayo Bies Kopi
  • Chocolate Caramel Sundae from Jang Manies
  • Fruit Choux with Diplomat Cream from Sepotong Kue
  • Pork Green Chilli Fried Rice from Legoh
  • Fried Chicken with Rica Sambal from Legoh
  • Skewer from Fat Boy
  • Hotdog from Dudes of Gourmet
  • Claypot Rice from Claypot Po Po
Hot Dog

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Pasar Santa Market is in the weekdays, especially during the lunch break hours. This is because most of the shops tend to open during the afternoon hours.

How to Reach Pasar Santa

Pasar Santa is located in the Kebayoran Baru area. Taking a bluebird taxi to the market is the best option. It will cost between INR 250 to 350.


1. Because this is a market place, you will not find air-conditioned stores or elevators to ease out your physical exercise. Hence, make sure to wear comfortable clothes and clothes so that you enjoy the hype of this place to its best.
2. Besides this, the parking space in this market is very limited. Thus, it is better if you get here along with your group of friends in public transport or in one car.
3. Following the previous point, remember not to take a car on Fridays and Saturdays because of heavy traffic on these days.
4. Keep in mind that each shop has different timing to open. Hence, if you want to visit a particular shop confirm the time with the owner before getting there.
5. Do carry enough cash because most of the transactions in Pasar Santa are done in cash.

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