Gambir Train Station, Jakarta Overview

Gambir Train Station is an old station built by the Dutch government. Being one of the major stations in Jakarta, it acts a major transit points for trains heading towards other big cities around Java. The station is meant for the use of executive class trains only. With a three-storeyed structure, you can find a range of services including prayer rooms, restaurants, markets, and waiting rooms.

Gambir train station is located centrally in the sub-district of Jakarta and can easily be distinguished from the rest of the city by colonial-style historical cities. The building comprises of three floors comprising of local tenants, restaurants, cafes, shops, toilets, public telephones, and elevators. For ensuring better ease and connectivity there is also a taxi pool available near Gambir train station.

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Connectivity of Gambir Station

Gambir train station acts as a center point for many trains to commute to and fro especially across Java Island. The main commuter lines of Jakarta that are the red and the blue line also cross this train station. 

Gambir Train Station is mostly used by executive and business class passengers, however, plans are being made to include other commuters as well to regulate the flow of traffic between the train stations.

Some amazing historical monuments are located in Gambir which include the Merdeka Palace which is the Presidential Palace of Indonesia, the famous National Museum and even Merdeka Square accompanied by a beautiful Deer Enclosure are all located in Gambir. All this makes for an ideal day to spend exploring interesting places in Jakarta.

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